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Picnic Time is Upon Us

The Catholic Church Summer picnic season is underway, leading to many sugar filled nights, dizzy-ride induced screams, and gambling excitement.  I mean, where else can you go to drink a few cold beers, let your kids run around and get messy, and let the whole family eat delicious junk food without feeling guilty?  Because all the proceeds go to a good cause, you can eat, drink, and be merry, without anything weighing you down or holding you back. The St. Anges Carnival  has been entertaining folks and serving the community for 15 years and  is the largest of the Catholic Picnics in the Louisville area. The festivities begin this week and provide something for everyone.  

 Wednesday, July 18th marks the beginning of the carnival’s week long celebration.  Decorated cars and floats will drive up and down Bardstown Road in the Highlands to remind everyone of the impending carnival.  Cars will start driving at 6pm and will begin and end at the St. Agnes School.

The festivities continue, Thursday July 19th for “Ride Night.”  Rides will be open to the public along with limited food options.  Booths with remain closed until the official start of the Carnival.  Ride Night gives you the opportunity to ride as many times as you like for one ticket price. 

 The 15th annual St. Agnes Carnival kicks off Friday July 20th and features prize booths, cake raffles, a quilt wheel, gambling, and midway rides.  The Carnival even has some grand prize events including a $20,000 raffle, and a $100,000 hole in one contest. The food, beer booths and live entertainment are among the most popular draws of the Carnival.  

Louisvillians who are familiar with the Catholic Picnics, know that the other big Summer Picnic to look forward to is St. Joseph’s Orphan’s Picnic. The St. Joseph picnic began in 1850 with the sole purpose of raising money for the orphanage.  The picnic now attracts more than 60,000 people every year.  This year, the Picnic will be held on Saturday August 11th. The St. Joseph Picnic will be open to the public between noon and midnight and feature 63 booths, raffles, games of chance, food, and beverages. There are several high-end raffles too, with chances to win cars, trips, and fine-dining meals, all for just $1.   

Friday August 10, will be the annual Friday Night Live, which will feature live entertainment, and several of the picnic booths, including the fish and bratwurst booth. Friday Night Live will be held from 5pm to 10pm. In the event of rain, the event will be cancelled. 

It has been a long time since I have attended the picnics.  I am looking forward to going back this year, now that I have children, and experiencing the St. Agnes Carnival from a new perspective.  I am most looking forward to winning a cake for a dime.  I am sure my 2-year-old will enjoy getting to eat whatever his little hear desires and running around in the open air.  My husband has been practicing his swing in the front yard the past couple nights (as if it will make a difference) in hopes of winning the hole-in one contest. So I will let you know how that goes.  The thing I am looking forward to the most though, is making those memories.   I’m sure my two year old will start making them soon; those Summertime memories, picnic memories, good time, family memories. 

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The Dude Abides

The Dudes, “Achievers“, Walters, and Maudes, are once again invading Louisville. The 11th annual Lebowski Fest kicks off this weekend, Friday July 20th and Saturday July 21st.   Lebowski Fest is a two-day event that celebrates the 1998 Cohen Brothers film The Big Lebowski, starring Oscar winner Jeff Bridges as the dude himself.  

Lebowski Fest was sparked in the midst of a conversation at a tattoo expo.  The founders of Lebowski Fest, Scott and Will, were quoting movie lines from the Big Lebowski while at the expo in their hometown of Louisville.  When other people started to chime in, quoting the lines they too thought hilarious after hearing 100 times, they had a revelation.   Scott and Will thought that if people would show up to a convention about tattoos that they would surely come to an event celebrating the Big Lebowski! They decided to explore this further, and set up a time and date at a bowling alley, put out flyers, and waited to see what happened.  The first annual Lebowski Fest was a success, attracting dudes from near and far.  Each year since then, Lebowski Fest has grown in size and popularity, and is now in over 15 cities. 

The Party officially kicks off Friday with the Movie Party.  There will be music by Mucca Pazza, a 30 piece marching band, followed by a screening of the Big Lebowski.  The Movie Party will take place at the Executive Lawn, located at 911 Phillips Lane and Tickets to this event are available in advance for $15 or at the door for $18. The doors open at 8pm and the show begins at 9pm.

The celebration continues Saturday with the Garden Party. There will be several bands performing, including Todd Snider, the Deloreans, and The White Russians.  Not only will there be musical entertainment, but the Derby City Dating Scene Improv Troup will be hosting a Lebowski Improv Set, and the Big Brothers Big Sister of Kentuckiana will be hosting lawn games.  The Garden Party will also be at the Executive Lawn and gates open at 4pm. Tickets are available in advance for $10 or $15 the day of.

Saturday night is the Bowling Party.  8pm at the Executive Strike and Spare there will be trivia, costumes, contests, and special guests.  Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 the day of.The ticket price includes shoes and bowling, but bowling is not guaranteed.  

New this year is an after party hosted by the Monkey Wrench.  With guest DJ Jason Clark, and delicious food trucks parked outside, prepare to dance, drink, and eat the night away.  The party will take place in the bar at the Executive Strike and Spare from Midnight- 4am. The event  is 21and over, for obvious reasons and is free.

There are several other events you might be interested in going to if you are a die hard dude or “Achiever.”  Thursday, July 19th at Carmichael’s on Frankfort Avenue Peter S Fosl, author of “The Big Lebowski and Philosophy” will be doing a book signing in the store. The event will begin at 7pm.  There will also be an expert panel discussion Saturday at 3pm at the Executive Strike and Spare on the best costumes in Lebowski Fest’s history. Both of these events are free and open to the public. 

Lebowski Fest has become one of Louisville’s great Festivals.  The unique, fun, and quirky, spirit of the festival matches Louisville’s essence to a tee.   The Lebowski Fest is a weekend filled with pure joy and carefree child’s play, that I highly recommend everyone experience at least once in their lives.

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Uh Oh Avalon

Highlanders have found themselves wrapped up in yet another mystery, the sudden and unforeseen closing of the Avalon restaurant.  Avalon abruptly closed it’s doors last week, posting white paper signs in the windows stating their closure was due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Avalon opened it’s doors in 2002 and was one of the most popular hot spots on Bardstown Road’s Restaurant Row.  Avalon has won numerous award and accolades over it’s ten years of service. Most recently it won Metromix Louisville’s Best Date and Special Occasion Spot, Best of Louisville Award for Best Patio Dining, and was given over ten published reviews and write-ups in the last year. The Lobster Mac and Cheese, signature cocktails, and lively patio were all staples of Avalon that will surely be missed by many. 

I walked by the front of the restaurant yesterday, and I peeked inside the large windows to see what shape it was in.  It was rather odd, as if someone came in and told everyone to drop what they were doing, mid sweep, and leave.  Dust pans are still by the bathrooms, tables are still set, and nothing seems to be touched from the end of dinner service.  Something didn’t seem right. Avalon was a hip restaurant, a place to be and be seen, nearly always busy.  So what could force them to close their doors, and so suddenly at that?     

In just the past couple of days, information has started to surface, that is helping us understand why Avalon had to shut down.  Steve Clements, owner of Avalon, is also the operator of Clements Catering. Clements Catering was headquartered at the Kentucky Derby Museum up until a week before the mysterious closing of Avalon.  Apparently, Clements was let go by the Kentucky Derby Museum, and is now being sued by the Museum, citing “unresolved conflicts.” There is speculation that for the past few years, Clements has been defrauding the Kentucky Derby Museum with “creative accounting.” Neither side has come out and said that this is the case, but the Kentucky Derby Museum is asking for compensation plus punitive damages.  Clements is the owner of Luna Boutique as well. Luna Boutique offers jewelry, accessories, and spa treatments. Luna Boutique is still open and having a 50% off sale, but their future is still unknown.  

It is really a shame to lose a great restaurant like Avalon, especially so suddenly.  In time we will see what happens with this story, if Avalon will ever re-open, or if it is gone for good.  The good news is that in Louisville we are not lacking in the great food department. We will survive without Avalon’s Lobster Mac and Cheese, it might be hard for a while, but we will find a way.  

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No Mo Fro-Yo

Am I the only one that is missing Starlight Frozen Custard?  With these past couple weeks of triple digit heat, by body has been aching for some good Summer treats and it is yearning for one of my forgotten favorites.  Starlight was around before we were bombarded with do-it-yourself “fro-yo” spots, that have become the hip new thing, but couldn’t make it after the new trend took over. The abandoned Starlight sign is still standing at the corner of Shelbyville and Hubbards Lane teasing my taste buds every time I drive by.  Although I don’t feel like anything can replace my beloved frozen custard, I have to admit, these frozen yogurt stores are slowly starting to win me over.  

 I visited my fist do-it-yourself frozen yogurt store while visiting my brother in California several years ago.  I thought it was a cool idea, I liked the fact that I was in charge of my dessert, but thought it was for the California health freaks who didn’t want to eat too much ice cream.  The first Fro-yo store I saw in Louisville was Sweet CeCe’s on Bardstown Road and I knew immediately it would be popular.  Something hip, cool, and different? Louisvillians love that! Not only was I right, but I was sucked into the Sweet CeCe’s trap.  Starlight was closed down, I was pregnant, and living two blocks away, there was no hope for me.  

 Lula's Frozen Yogurt The Highlands Louisville KYSince Sweet CeCe’s (Now Lula’s) opened in 2011, nearly ten other frozen yogurt places of the same design have opened there doors in the Louisville area.  Do we really need all these fro-yo joints? Are they staying busy? I decided to investigate. I traveled down Bardstown Road to two of the more popular frozen yogurt spots that have been competing with each other from the beginning.  Cefiore was the first frozen yogurt shop to dawn the do-it-yourself cap, followed by Sweet CeCe’s (now Lula’s) which opened up right across the street.  

I went in to Lula’s first to ask some questions.  It was a Thursday afternoon when I first started my research and I was the only one in the store.  My 2 year old son and I shared a vanilla cup will rainbow sprinkles, Oreo cookies, and strawberries (we like to keep it simple).  I asked the girl who was working how busy they were and she looked at me with a look of dissatisfaction.  She went on to say that they were busy in the evenings but nothing like they used to be. She told me that the owners decided not to renew their franchise contract and are now privately owned.  Apparently, when they decided not to renew their contract, they were the second most successful Sweet CeCe’s Franchise, next to the original.  At one point it was working for them, there were lines out the door 24/7. So what happened? Was it the competition or is Louisville just over the excitement of the “newest big thing?” I think it’s a little bit of both.

After getting some information from Lula’s, I crossed Bardstown Road to Cefiore. I was immediately impressed with the freshness of the toppings and the unique menu. All of the fruit options, and candy options looked very appetizing and the bubble tea and snow ice options were an interesting twist to the menu.  I decided to try a bubble tea as I never had indulged in one before.  I ordered a green tea bubble tea and watched the woman behind the counter go to work as if doing a science experiment.  Not only was it fascinating to watch, but drinking it after, was equally as entertaining.   I almost forgot while in Cefiore, that again, I was the only customer because the woman working behind the counter was so engaging and friendly, she even insisted on holding my 4-month old son. 

So what did I take away from this “research?” Well, I’m not sure if there is a place for nearly ten frozen yogurt places in Louisville.  I have been to others around town, and they are all pretty much the same.  Cefiore is offering something unique and their ingredients are fresher than other places I have seen.  These are the things that will keep a place in business.  My prediction is that in the next year, we will be seeing a lot less fro-yo around town.

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Louisville Blues and BBQ

While many Louisvillians checked out the Forecastle Festival at the Waterfront, others headed Eastward on River Road toward the Water Tower to the annual Blues and Barbecue Festival. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Blues and Barbecue Festival hosted bands, The Predators, Big James & The Chicago Playboys, Davis Coen, Stella Vees, and a Louisville favorite, The Stray Cats Blues Band.  Barbeque was provided by Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot and The Q.  The menu consisted of regional barbeque staples including ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and my favorite, roasted corn.  

I brought a couple of folding chairs to sit on and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and smells. The crowd is delightfully diverse, and the mood is laid back.  If you are looking for a night out to relax and listen to some good music, eat some good food, or let off some steam with some dancing, it’s a great event to attend. 

All this talk about Barbeque got me thinking about a trip my husband and I went on recently.  We left our Louisville Home, flew to Texas, rented a car and drove to New Orleans and then through Memphis to get back home to Louisville.  We sampled the best food each city had to offer.  In New Orleans we sucked the heads of crawfish and ate alligator gumbo.  We had to go to Café Du Monde for chicory and beignets and then to a proper Commanders Palace feast. We were in Heaven.  What I found most interesting though, was our barbeque trek. We had Texas barbecue in Houston, and then did a barbeque walk through Memphis comparing all the popular and not so popular spots. Comparing Memphis’ own barbeque places to each other, and then Memphis to Texas, and then Memphis and Texas to Kentucky, I was dizzy with barbeque on the brain.  I was learning just how competitive and personal an art form barbeque could be. With every bite I took, I was spellbound with how complex the flavors could get and how different each rub or sauce could be.  

Here in Louisville we have an unbelievable amount of successful and delicious barbecue joints.  I live in the Highlands and in just a short distance from my house there is Marks Feed Store, Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot, Hammerheads, and Smoketown USA.  If I want to go just a little but further I can go to Doc Crows, The Smokehouse, and Jucy’s Barbecue, and that’s not even all of them!  Barbecuing is a delicious American tradition, that almost everyone has an opinion on. Louisville’s Barbeque scene is growing, and I’m happy to be the one to taste and compare each new place.

From our favorite guest blogger Ilyse McCormick 

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Louisville Newest Record Store Matt Anthonys

Louisville’s music community suffered a tremendous loss after the December 2011 closing of the beloved ear X-tacy record store. Ear x-tacy served Louisville for 26 years, supplying music lovers with vinyl records, CDs and posters, introduced young artists to new sounds, and hosted some amazing bands for the community’s enjoyment.   With the closing of ear X-tacy it was truly an end of an era.  No record store will ever take ear X-tacy’s place, but one has just come on the scene that is making it a little easier for the Louisville music community to move on.

Matt Anthony, former music buyer for ear X-tacy, has opened up his own record shop. “Matt Anthony’s Record Shop” is located in the Tim Faulkner Building on Franklin Avenue in Butchertown which is a new arts complex and gallery.  Anthony says he has always dreamed of having his own record store but didn’t want to compete with ear X-tacy.  Anthony helped fight to save the store and was there with them until they closed.  Inside his store you will recognize racks and signage from ear X-tacy, as he bought a lot of the inventory after they closed.  

Matt Anthony is also a 91.9 WFPK DJ, currently DJ-ing the Friday Night Sound Clash and the Jazz Pulse on Sundays. Anthony’s background, traveling and living on an Air Force base has shaped his love for music and art.  Anthony grew up in Italy on an Air Force Base, and credits that with his love for Hip Hop and Jazz music.  In Italy, Anthony says that American music was not easily attainable, so he would track down the one American Hip Hop CD that would become available, making him the go-to guy for music.  He became the go-to DJ, and fell in love with it.  Anthony said that because American music was so hard to come by, it was appreciated much more in Italy.  His appreciation for Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul music grew stronger because of it’s heightened appreciation. Anthony was not only interested in music, but other art forms as well. Anthony received a degree in art with a focus in illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and then Attended the University of Louisville as a Roman History major. 

Anthony’s love of music and art is apparent in his new shop.  Anthony’s paintings adorn the green walls, eye-catching posters fill the racks, and rows of music line the store. Anthony will be the first to admit that he is not good at selling his art, which is why he is happy to be part of the Time Faulkner Building.  The Gallery will be a great place to showcase Anthony’s artwork and expand his business.  

If you want to see Anthony DJ live, you can find him at Meat at 9pm on Mondays. Meat is located at 1076 E Washington Street.  Matt Anthony’s Record Shop is open Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday from noon-7pm, Friday noon- Midnight, and Sunday noon-6pm.

Anthony has said that he believes that good vibes are important and that there is an overall good feeling that comes with shopping locally.  I couldn’t agree more.  Stop in to his store and spread some good vibes around.  We need to support these local gems.  

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Louisville Residents Know How to Jazz It Up

If you like music, Louisville’s got it all. From bluegrass to gospel, classical to contemporary, pop and hip-hop to country and western, and everything in between - you can find it all in Derby City. And Jazz is certainly no exception. Louisville has a history of nurturing jazz talent, and this summer is a great time to experience this timeless musical genre.

Now through mid-July, over 600 young jazz musicians are in town for the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops at the University of Louisville. Weeklong and two-day workshops are taught by some of the greatest jazz professionals from all over the country. And the best part is that student concerts are free and open to the public. From noon until 5:00 p.m. on July 13, you can come by the Comstock and Bird recital halls to hear some great music with no charge. Then the week of July 23, professional jazz musicians who have been in town to teach at the workshops will perform free of charge at 7:30 p.m. most evenings. Check out www.jazz.louisville.edu for more information.

Another hidden gem on the Louisville jazz scene is the Sunday service at Clifton Unitarian Universalist Church. Each week, a jazz trio of U of L students wows church-goers there with their talent and youthful energy. And if you consider visiting because you’re more interested in the music than the service itself, no problem. The folks there won’t give you a hard time, and you’ll be amazed at the great, free jazz you’ll hear.

Of course, Louisville offers more than just free jazz opportunities. Professional artists visit frequently as well. One such highly anticipated concert will take place at Churchill Downs at 6:00 p.m. on August 24 when contemporary jazz musician Marcus Johnson performs. Tickets are $100, and the proceeds support the Lincoln Foundation’s major educational initiative, the Whitney M. Young Scholars Program.

Louisville residents who love jazz have lots of opportunities to indulge their interests around town at everything from free concerts to top notch professional performances. And these events are just a few of the many opportunities available. To explore them all, check out Louisville Jazz Society. You’ll be thrilled with the breadth and depth of possibilities you’ll have for jazzing things up a bit.

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Urban Mistake in The Louisville Highlands?

I have to admit, when I saw that they were putting an Urban Outfitters just two blocks from my home in the Highlands - I had a flood of emotions running through my head.  I was excited of course, I think that was the biggest emotion; I am FINALLY, not going to have to drive to Cincinnati every time I want to find a funky pillow or a fun sweater! And then of course the second emotion came bouncing into my brain, the guilty one, I have responsibilities; I can’t have an Urban Outfitters so close to my house! That’s way too tempting! Oh boy, I am an adult, I can manage this, I will be ok.

Urban Outfitters Louisville HighlandsRecently however, something has surfaced that may make it easier to avoid the store that would usually haunt my dreams and tempt me in to buying a pair of earrings or a clutch I didn’t need. In case you don’t know where in the World I am talking about, the Urban Outfitters is replacing the Blockbuster in the Tyler Park Plaza on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. Tyler Park Plaza is made up of Highland Coffee, the Knit Nook, and soon to be Urban Outfitters.  Highland Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in town.  My husband walks up there a few days a week while I’m slowly getting out of bed because for some reason he thinks that’s easier than brewing it at home, but we won’t get into that.  Anyways, we love Highland Coffee, as do many people in Louisville and especially the Highlands do.  Highland Coffee has been in business since 1999 and is proudly locally owned.  They serve Organic fair-trade coffee, and gluten free desserts, and in my opinion make some of the best lattes in town.  

Driving down Bardstown Road a couple weeks ago, I noticed Urban Outfitters’ new sign, replacing the sign that was for Highland Coffee and the Knit Nook. At first I didn’t think too much about it, distracted by the chopped up words on the sign. I was bemused at the lack of signage for my beloved Highland coffee.  The bullies had pushed them out.  My blood began to truly boil after I read the piece that the LEO wrote on the subject.  Now I am really beginning to understand what is going on.  The LEO got in touch with Greg and Natalie Hofer, the owners of Highland Coffee and they explained that they have been trying repeatedly to contact Urban Outfitters about the sign and have received no response.  Those goons!  The worst part of it is the only contact they have had with Urban Outfitters is when they came into the coffee shop with a stack of applications for their employees…the nerve.    

I know Urban Outfitters did not do anything illegal, they are probably paying the majority of the rent and they should probably get rights to signage, but there is such thing as common courtesy and they are not showing any respect.  Highland Coffee will benefit from Urban Outfitters in the long run, but Urban Outfitters has already put a bad taste in all of our mouths before they have opened their doors and in a city that respects local business that goes a long way.  

by guest blogger Ilyse McCormick

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Louisville's new VA Hospital is Really Happening

Longtime residents of Louisville knew it would only be a matter of time before the large open field next to the Watterson Expressway by the Brownsboro Road exit would be developed.  Most assumed it would be turned in to a strip mall, or another cookie cutter row of corporate offices, but never could have imagined it would be the chosen home for the new VA Medical Center.   The first signs of work have shown up on the sight, leading us all to say “I can’t believe it is really happening.”  

 A 21st Century Medical Center is due to replace the existing Robley Rex VA Medical Center which is 60 years old.  The current VA Hospital is located off of Zorn Avenue and is said to be outdated and overcrowded.  The new, updated Hospital, will sit adjacent to the Brownsboro Rd and I 264 Interchange will “provide state of the art healthcare for the veterans of Louisville and the surrounding 35-County region.”  according to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric K. Shinseki.

The new VA Hospital is going to have the best of the best.  The Hospital will have 110 inpatient beds, an extended care program, and a home-based primary care program. There will be specialized clinics in primary care, surgery, and mental health as well as substance abuse residential rehabilitation treatment program.  

The new VA Hospital is planning to open its doors in late 2017 or early 2018 and is expected to cost $883 million dollars. Senator Mitch McConnell has secured 75 million dollars of the cost. Last year alone, Kentucky spent 1.9 billion dollars on its 331,000 Veterans.  That cost is spread between Louisville’s existing VA Hospital, Lexington’s two-campus medical center, roughly twenty-four clinics, and seven veterans’ cemeteries.  

Many residents of the area are concerned with their new neighbor.  With the sudden influx of so many patients, visitors, and medical personnel, many are concerned about traffic, safety, and property value. Congressman John Yarmuth has addressed the concerns about traffic, assuring residents not to worry and that those issues will be addressed.  Many Brownsboro Road area residents are left unsure and wanting their questions answered. 

Some of the neighborhood's directly affected by the new VA Hospital will be Northfield, Crossgate, and Winding Falls.  Only time will tell how the location of the new VA Hospital will affect these Louisville neighborhoods, but for now, everyone seems on edge.  

Local businesses however, are ecstatic! Vint Coffee said they cannot wait for the hospital to open up right across the street and I’m sure we can all figure out why. The many fast-food restaurants will get a boom of business. And with the addition of the VA Hospital to the area, it’s only a matter of time before the Holiday Manor Shopping Center (which has been the same for years) will be turned into a Summit-like destination, following the trends.  

I guess we have to take the good with the bad, and at the end of the day realize The VA Hospital will be doing a lot of good.

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Blight Out and Brighten Up

Every day, twelve abandoned Louisville homes are boarded up with plain plywood boards, instantly decreasing the homes’ value, the areas resale values and leave an eyesore for the neighborhood.  CJ Fletcher, Special Events Coordinator for the City, and acclaimed artist, is working to do something about this problem spanning throughout our beloved City. “Blight Out and Brighten Up” reaches out to volunteers to help paint the plywood boards that will be boarding up these abandoned Louisville homes.  Fletcher believes that bringing art to what would otherwise be run down homes, will not only cheer up any passerby’s, but will also help fight property deterioration and help deter the resulting decreases in values.  No one can argue that almost anything would be better than those hideous plywood boards, and art seems a treat.

There have been two painting sessions so far, and volunteers seem very excited about the project. All the supplies have been generously donated and volunteers have been coming out in great numbers.  The last painting session was held at the old Armored Car building at 6th and Zane in the Limerick neighborhood of Old Louisville. Plans are underway to turn the building into an arts complex featuring a theatre, art gallery, and coffee shop called Vault 1031 (more info to come).

Crews have begun to put up some of the boards, and professional artists are hard at work painting the existing boards on these Louisville homes, so keep your eyes out for the functioning art around town.  Another painting session will be held in the fall at the Vault 1031 space and is open to the public. Check back for date and time information.  

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Louisville Home Owners Await Forecastle Festival

Louisville is known for its wide array of festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from history and hobbies to culture and cuisine. Louisville real estate owners anxiously await the return of one of the premier festivals outside of Derby Week, the Forecastle Festival that runs from July 13-15 downtown at the waterfront.

Now in its tenth year, the Forecastle Festival celebrates music, art, and activism. In addition to providing first class entertainment, the festival also seeks to raise awareness about the issues important to the Forecastle Foundation, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and inspire action that will protect the world’s most compromised “hot spots.” Just what is a “hot spot?” The term first used by the British environmentalist Norman Myers in 1989 to describe tropical forest areas of the Earth that have an amazing array of biodiversity but also experience serious threats to their sustainability. One festival activity that highlights the importance of protecting these hot spots is the Sustainable Living Roadshow, which involves a group of entertainers and educators who travel the country in vehicles powered by renewable fuel and set up “eco-carnivals” designed to raise awareness in a fun way. Some individual elements of the roadshow that draw a crowd are the Conscious Carnival, Green Marketplace, bike-powered Roadshow Café, and other engaging workshops and speakers.

But even those without an activist bent find the Forecastle Festival to be one of the most entertaining events of the years. Music lovers from across the country come to Forecastle for top notch concerts. Although a major draw for the music crowd will be the wildly popular group, My Morning Jacket, the festival also features concerts by a wide variety of other great bands like Paper Diamond, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Dean and Britta, Purity Ring, Emancipator, Dr. Dog, and Scarlet Smile, to name only a few.

Art fanatics will also be in seventh heaven at the festival. The Whoop de Do art collective, a community arts project from Kansas City, seeks to provide unique artistic experiences that involve people of all ages and cultures. For this year’s festival, they have created The Ghost Ship, an interactive display that will amaze and delight. This along with the many other celebrations of art at the festival be hard to top.

Part of the fun of living in a city as energetic and diverse as Louisville is participating in its many festivals. Louisville home owners will be joining others from all over the country this month at the Waterfront for the highly anticipated 10th annual Forecastle Festival, called one of the “31 Coolest Tours and Festivals” in the country by Rolling Stone magazine and one of the “Top 10 Events in the State” by the Kentucky Tourism Council. Whether your interest is music, art, or environmental issues, it’s sure to be a weekend you won’t soon forget.

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Downtown Louisville Home Owners Welcome New Waterfront Development

While Louisville’s downtown skyline has been beautiful for decades, the waterfront area downtown has left something to be desired. But recent years have seen quite a bit of development on the waterfront, and Waterfront Park now serves as the backdrop to fun events and festivals enticing locals and visitors alike. Now, downtown Louisville home owners are welcoming a new waterfront development that’s merely the tip of an iceburg of exciting new growth: the RiverPark Place Marina, which officially opened May 18.

The 149-slip marina, at a cost of $7 million, has become the largest marina along nearby sections of the Ohio River. Its floating docks cover a half-mile of the river’s edge and offers berths that are 40 to 100 feet long. Lead developer, Steve Poe, plans to sell roughly 30 of the boat slips at $40,000 to $80,000 each, and about half have already been claimed. The remaining slips will be leased for $2,700 to $5,950 per year, and approximately 30 have signed leases.

The marina won’t be by itself for long though. An entire RiverPark Place development is planned to include lofts, luxury condos, penthouses, 100,000 square feet of retail space, 400,000 square feet of office space, 7 restaurants, a marina store, and a fitness center. Construction has begun one of the partment complexes which will contain 167 units that should be ready to occupy in January of 2012. In order to raise living quarters above the Ohio River’s 100-year flood plain, the building will include four residential levels over a parking structure.

Also open now is a ¾-mile-long portion of the River Walk through the RiverPark Place area that, once completed, will connect Waterfront Park’s eastern edge with Eva Bandman Park which is upstream across Beargrass Creek. Between the existing Waterfront Park and Belvedere and the new RiverPark Place development that is now starting to take shape, Louisville’s riverfront will have the potential to become as popular as those in larger waterfront cities. But only time will tell what benefits the finished product will bring. For now though, downtown Louisville homeowners have a new marina to welcome and enjoy.

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Fern Creek Homeowners Encourage Love of Native Plants

With a background as a park ranger, it’s not surprise that Stephen Brown loves nature. So when he and Anne Milligan moved to Louisville, they wanted to find a place with lots of trees. This led them to Fern Creek and a home surrounded by beautiful, tall trees and a couple koi ponds. The trees stayed but the koi ponds were taken out. These Fern Creek homeowners have made it their personal mission to grow native plants in their yard. Instead of stagnant koi ponds, they now have 83 different species of native plants on their land.

“Naturescaping” is the term now used for landscaping with native plants, and there are a number of benefits to using these plants rather than those imported from elsewhere. One obvious one is their beauty. Native plants often produce eye-catching flowers and plenty of seeds and fruits as well as stunning foliage in the fall. Because these plants grow in soil that is ideal for them, it’s easy to get them to look good. And speaking of easy, the low maintenance is another definite plus. Native plants require far less care than those unaccustomed to the soil and environmental conditions here which means less watering and fewer pesticides.

Another benefit is the development of available habitat areas for wildlife. Habitat is disappearing at a frightening rate today, but by growing native plants, even in urban areas, we provide the nectar needed by hummingbirds and butterflies and the seeds and insects that birds, squirrels, and other animals require. This also provides a community benefit as native planting continues to grow and nurture native wildlife through the generations.

There are hundreds of plants native to Kentucky. Some of our native trees include the Ash Leaf, Striped, Red, and Sugar Maples, Yellow Buckeye, Eastern Redbud, Persimmon, Dogwood, Red and Yellow Oaks, and White Ash. Beautiful flowing plants include the Red Columbine, Pink Milkweed, Pawpaw, American Hornbeam, Trumpet Creeper, Lobed Tickseed, Cardinal Flower, Honeysuckle, Sweetbay Magnolia, Bluebell, and Wild Plum. And these are only a few! To find pictures and information about the hundreds of plants that are native to Kentucky, check out Wildflower Center.

Stephen Brown and Anne Milligan have realized their dream of living in a forest-like setting in Fern Creek. In order to share their interest in native plants, they have many different varieties available for sale at the Fern Creek Farmer’s Market at 6104 Bardstown Road from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays through September 17. To get a look at amazing pictures of their own naturscape, check out the Courier-Journal site. These Fern Creek homeowners have certainly made a beautiful impact not only on their immediate surroundings but on the whole community as well.

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Louisville Home Owners As Derby Hosts and Hostesses

Many Louisville home owners will be watching this Saturday’s Kentucky Derby from Churchill Downs. Some will wear their best suits, summer dresses, high heels, and Derby hats on Millionaires Row while others will be in shorts and tee-shirts in the infield. But a lot of us will be at home this Saturday watching the Run for the Roses on TV with friends around. Derby parties here run the gamut from backyard barbeques with cold beer and horseshoes to high-dollar black tie galas complete with caviar, pâté, and celebrity sightings. Either way, a Derby party is the best way to celebrate the pinnacle event in thoroughbred racing without actually being at the track.

Hosting a Derby party can be a daunting experience, especially if you don’t know how to apply a theme to your party in ways that are fun without being over-the-top. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do that will ensure that this Saturday’s Derby-themed shin-dig will actually make your guests glad they didn’t make it to the Downs!

     • Think about having a race pool ready when your guests arrive. Every Derby Day, the Courier-Journal prints a list of the horses racing in large type so that they can be cut out for those purpose at home. Ask your guests to throw in a couple bucks for each horse they draw. Having a horse to pull for in the race makes it all the more fun! You might consider having a loser’s pot too where the person who draws the horse who finishes last gets his/her bet back. If your crowd doesn’t like to bet money, that’s no problem at all - you can still have everyone choose a horse. Some Derby parties that start early in the afternoon have pools on all the races that run during the day, not just the big one that goes off on the first Saturday in May each year around 6:00 p.m. 

     • Even if a mint julep isn’t your drink of choice the other 364 days of the year, it’s fun to serve this classic cocktail on Derby Day. A drink made of only three ingredients - bourbon, mint, and sugar - sounds hard to mess up, but unfortunately, people often do. And a bad mint julep is, well, really bad. But you can make sure the ones you serve will have folks coming back for more by closely following good directions for this famous drink. Click here for a sure-fire recipe. 

     • Don’t even think about serving those mint juleps in plastic cups. Only traditional mint julep glasses will do. These sterling silver or silver plated glasses will add an air of elegance to any gathering, and they are must-haves at Derby parties. But they don’t just have to be used only to serve the drink after which they are named. They also make wonderful small vases for fresh spring flowers that can be used all year round. 

     • Don’t forget about the “other” Derby glasses. For well over a hundred years, a commemorative Derby glass featuring a unique design and the list of all of the past winners on it is issued annually, and party hosts and hostesses can buy them almost anywhere in town. Many long-time Louisvillians have quite a collection of these glasses and serve drinks in them each year on Derby Day. 

The great thing about a Derby party is that it comes with a ready-made theme. By simply using a few of these easy party tips, Louisville home owners will turn what might otherwise be a ho-hum Saturday get-together into a fun and memorable Derby event. What better way could there be to experience the greatest two minutes in sports?


KY Derby Festival Events

Louisville home owners will be enjoying more than just the spring weather over the next couple weeks. The Kentucky Derby Festival is under way, and the dizzying array of amazing events will have us Louisvillians—and our many out-of-town guests—stepping out to enjoy the fun. Last weekend’s big event, Thunder Over Louisville, set the tone for the coming three weeks of events and activities designed to delight folks of every background, with every interest, and from every walk of life.

After weeks of balmy, beautiful weather, last Saturday took a surprising turn with temperatures in the low 50’s and winds that made it feel even colder. But that didn’t keep the 405,000 people who braved the weather from enjoying the air show and fireworks. Because of the low cloud cover, the originally planned air show was curtailed slightly, but even with these adjustments, nearly 90 aircraft displayed their power and speed with aerial acrobatic stunts that wowed the crowd.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the magnificent fireworks display. This year’s theme was “A Star Spangled Blast,” and the spectacular light show was set to an eclectic musical backdrop that included songs popular during American wars as well as anti-war tunes, and from George W. Bush’s words and lyrics from Lady Gaga mixed in. Nearly 70 tons of fireworks were launched from the Clark Memorial Bridge to the amazed oohs and aahs from crowds on both sides of the river.

But Thunder is just one of the big events that makes up the Kentucky Derby Festival which will culminate in this year’s Run for the Roses on Derby Day, May 5. Other big attractions include the Hole-In-One Golf Contest and Pro-Am Tournament, the Fillies Derby Ball, Fest-a-Ville Concerts, Chow Wagons, Great Balloon Race, Mini-Marathon, Steamboat Race, Pegasus Parade, and the Kentucky Oaks. Some silly events are thrown in to show our crazy side, like the Bed Races and Run for the Rosé, but Louisville also takes time during the festival to show its more serious, civic-minded side by doing volunteer work during the Mayor’s Week of Service. Naturally, these are only a few of the many Derby Festival events that captivate our city and attract so many visitors to town.

Although the Brad Long team will be working hard match those looking for a new residence in Derby City with the perfect home this spring, we’ll be joining many Louisville home owners by stepping out to enjoy many of the Derby Festival events. What a great time to live in Louisville!

Complete List of Kentucky Derby Activities

04/19/2012 $1 Million Dollar Hole In One Golf Contest
04/21/2012 Kentucky Derby Festival Volleyball Classic
04/23/2012 King Southern Bank Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation Pro-Am Golf Tournament
04/25/2012 Kentucky Derby Festival "Taste of Derby Festival"
04/25/2012 $1 Million Dollar Hole In One Ladies Day
04/26/2012 Pajama Party & Bed Making Competition
04/26/2012 Chow Wagon at Waterfront Park
04/26/2012 U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Tour
04/26/2012 U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Glimmer
04/26/2012 U.S. Bank Kentucky Derby Festival Great BalloonFest
04/26/2012 Kroger's Fest-a-Ville on the Waterfront
04/26/2012 Fourth Street Live! Kentucky Derby Festival After Party
04/26/2012 BB&T Kentucky Derby Festival Running Wild Expo
04/27/2012 U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Rush Hour Race
04/27/2012 U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow
04/27/2012 BB&T Running Wild Pasta Dinner & Expo
04/27/2012 APASSIONATA "The Beginning": April 27-29, 2012 at Freedom Hall
04/27/2012 Zumba Fitness Jam
04/28/2012 Marathon/miniMarathon presented by Walmart
04/28/2012 U.S. Bank Derby Festival Great Balloon Race
04/28/2012 Da'Ville Classic Drum Line Showcase College Fair
04/28/2012 TheSlice: Spice, Style & Soul
04/28/2012 Sonic Saturday Featuring Eddie Money
04/28/2012 NPC Kentucky Derby Championships Fitness * Figure * Bikini *Bodybuilding *                            Physique
04/28/2012 Kentucky Derby Festival- ACO DerbyHole Classic
04/29/2012 $1 Million Dollar Hole In One Semi Finals
04/29/2012 Louisville Youth Orchestra Concert
04/29/2012 Children's Tea with the Derby Festival Princesses presented by Goldberg Simpson
04/29/2012 Celebration Sunday with 88.5 WJIE
04/29/2012 GospelFest
04/29/2012 Derby Brunch On the River
04/30/2012 Stock Yards Bank Kentucky Derby Festival Great Bed Races
04/30/2012 AT&T Derby Festival Morning Line
04/30/2012 Don Fightmaster Golf Outing for Exceptional Children
04/30/2012 Discovery Day Presented by PNC
04/30/2012 HappyTail Hour at Kroger's Fest-a-Ville
04/30/2012 Knights of Columbus Charity Dinner
05/01/2012 $1 Million Dollar Hole In One Finals
05/01/2012 Republic Bank Parade Preview Party
05/01/2012 WineFest
05/01/2012 Texas Hold'em Tournament
05/01/2012 Ramble for the Roses
05/01/2012 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthy Lifestyle Showcase
05/01/2012 RhythmFest featuring George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
05/02/2012 Great Steamboat Race
05/02/2012 Battle of the Bounce
05/02/2012 Wednesday Evening Concert Featuring Walk The Moon with special guest Ha Ha                        Tonka
05/03/2012 Celebrity Day at the Downs
05/03/2012 Republic Bank Pegasus Parade
05/03/2012 100 Black Men of Louisville Derby Gala
05/03/2012 Tune It Up Thursday Concert featuring AWOLNATION
05/04/2012 Derby Eve Jam featuring The Charlie Daniels Band with Guest the Hillbenders

For links to all of the events go here: http://kdf.org/search.cgi?category=events


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La Coop: France comes to NULU

From the talented group that brought you Basa on Frankfort and Doc Crow’s on Main Street comes the latest addition to the fast growing foodie scene in Louisville’s NULU area. La Coop Bistro a Vins. Set to open Tuesday April 24 at 732 E. Market Street ( formerly 732 Social).

Le Coop Restaurant on Market St in NULUThis new concept restaurant designed by Brett Davis, Michael and Steven Ton and Chip Hamm transports you to Paris.  From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with the aroma of French cooking and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. You will want to settle in for the evening. The French country menu includes such favorites as onion soup smothered in Gruyere cheese, escargot and cog a vin. The wine list is stellar and eclectic and the cocktails are lovely and very French. Surprisingly affordable with the most expensive item on the menu costing $20.

Bobby Benjamin ( Oak Room ) is the executive chef along with Michael Ton ( Basa and Doc Crow’s). They developed the menu for La Coop.

No detail has been overlooked in the décor.  From the adorable chicken wire lining the inside of the bar cabinets to the waiter’s striped aprons to the light fixtures encased in cages, the name La Coop( Chicken coop referring to the limited space in the restaurant)  is represented well.  The color scheme is warm and inviting with tan and black tones and a refreshing splash of citrus green on the barstools. There will be al fresco seating on the sidewalk lining E. Market.  

Thank you Kelly Valenti for your observations on this exciting new dining spot.


Our Louisville Home Scores big on Athletics

Sure, it’s only a few weeks until Louisville’s big day celebrating the “greatest two minutes in sports” at historic Churchill Downs for the running of the Kentucky Derby, and yes, we are all very excited and ready for all the fun. But to think for even half a second that thoroughbred racing is the only sport on the minds of Louisvillians right now would be about as accurate as predicting that the Pope will leave his current job and become a rapper with his own fragrance line. No, Louisville is big on sports of EVERY kind, and we don’t just like to watch the professionals. We love to get in there and play, watch, cheer, coach and talk endlessly about them all too. We play volleyball in the neighborhood church league during the winter and summer league softball when it’s warm. And our kids play absolutely everything whether or not they are any good: ice hockey, soccer, baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, swimming...and many, many more.

There’s no question that we love our sports, but we let’s be honest. We don’t always love dealing with all of our sports gear and equipment. We love seeing our daughter hit a homerun, but we swear under our breath when we trip over her bat and cleats left lying in the hall. We rejoice when our son hits the three-pointer to win the basketball game at the buzzer, but we want to choke him when we find his dirty uniform all balled up in his closet only 10 minutes before it’s time to leave for the next game. But during this season of spring cleaning and organizing, Louisville homes will be able to love their sports with a clear conscience by following just a few simple tips that will help them score big when it comes to athletics.

    • When it comes to sports equipment, the key is to have one place for all of it. The lacrosse sticks, catcher’s mitts, goggles, and footballs all need to stay in one designated area of the house. Some prefer that this space be in the garage; others like to keep it just inside the back door to the house. Either place is fine, but don’t let your kids – and your spouse – keep their sports equipment in their own rooms. Tennis balls and batting helmets have a way of disappearing when they could be anywhere in the house.

     • If the garage is your designated location, consider using some old kitchen cabinets for sports storage. This is a practical way of repurposing a storage solution that is no longer functional in your kitchen. If your equipment will be inside the house, consider purchasing some inexpensive ottomans that can serve as both storage and extra seating.

     • Uniforms and other athletic attire also need to have their own space separate from other clothing. When a tennis skirt gets put away in a drawer with all the other shorts or football pants gets folded up alongside a couple pairs of jeans, they tend to be hard to find right before the big game. Instead, have either a drawer dedicated only to athletic attire, or if drawer space is limited, designate a portion of the closet for these items only, and hang them all there. Then everyone knows exactly where to look when it’s game time.

     • Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep your athletic clothing and equipment completely out of sight. In fact, some folks like to use their sports paraphernalia as an element in their décor. You just need to make sure it stays organized and doesn’t clutter your living space. Hooks are a great solution for hanging athletic attire on walls, and open shelving or cubbies can be an easy way to store equipment.

Our homes reflect our loves, interests, personalities, and passions. During this season of spring cleaning and organizing, Louisville home owners can pursue their love affair with athletics without worry. All we need to do is follow a few simple tips, and our Louisville homes will score big th


Crescent Hill Homes In Print

Along Frankfort Ave in the Crescent Hill Neighborhood of Louisville KYLouisville has always had a deep, abiding love for its unique neighborhoods, and Crescent Hill is certainly one its oldest and more revered. This adored geographic area of rich tradition, amazing restaurants, quirky shops, art galleries, and beautiful homes has now hit the pages of a recent new book that chronicles its rich history and powerful charm. 'Louisville’s Crescent Hill,' by John E. Findling, chronicles the story of Crescent Hill from its surprising beginnings to its present day status as one of Louisville’s most eclectic neighborhoods.

Many of us who have lived in Louisville for decades were surprised to learn about Crescent Hill’sFrankfort Ave in Crescent Hill Neighborhood of Louisville KY beginnings. Believe it or not, it started as the original site of the state fairgrounds! But over time, the neighborhood evolved into the charming and eclectic — even edgy — area that attracts home buyers of all ages, incomes, and walks of life. Its proximity to the beauty of Cherokee Park make it ideal for people who want to be close to downtown for work but near nature for fun and recreation. Restaurants like Porcini, Varanese, Pat’s Steak House, Blue Dog Bakery, and dozens of others have made Frankfort Avenue into a real competitor with Bardstown Road in the unofficial “culinary street capital of Louisville” contest. Also, the old churches with their rustic charm and the beautiful Cave Hill Cemetery, where visitors go just to experience its quiet grandeur and feed the legendary ducks, add a touch of timeless elegance to the contemporary vibe that the restaurants and boutique shops provide.

Hillcrest Ave in Crescent Hill Neighborhood of Louisville KYA relaxing jaunt through the pages of Louisville's Crescent Hill is a visual treat that both Louisville natives and visitors to town should not miss. Author John E. Findling includes over 200 vintage photos that provide a rich visual history of Crescent Hill’s evolution from its early beginnings, through its challenges, like the devastating tornado of 1974, and its accomplishments, like the educational and charitable organizations it birthed, to its grandeur today. Carmichael’s Book Store, another Louisville landmark that begin as a small neighborhood book store frequently by Crescent Hill homeowner, held a book-signing on February 12, and autographed copies may still be available. The cost of the book in paperback is $21.99 at Carmichael’s or $17.15 on Amazon.com.


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Fourth Street Live gets New Tenant

Louisville night life moved from lukewarm to red hot back in 2004 when 4th Street Live opened its doors. The entertainment and retail complex located on prime downtown real estate between Mohammad Ali and Liberty on 4th Street is home to a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and stores, and, as city officials announced this week, it will soon be welcoming one more. A bar to be called Tavern on Fourth, owned by East Coast Saloons who owns two other bars at 4th Street Live, will move into the second floor of the Kaufman Straus building after renovations are completed.

The city says that this new 4th Street live tenant will produce 80 new jobs and further contribute to the city’s economic development efforts, and because of this, generous lease agreements and other financial incentives have been offered to the developers. But some eyebrows have been raised about the deal. As detailed in a recent Courier-Journal article, some Metro Council members and other citizens aren’t pleased with the deal offered to the Baltimore-based Cordish Company who developed 4th Street Live and is now brining Tavern on Fourth into the complex.

Despite the controversy, 4th Street Live remains a great place for Louisville locals to meet after work or for visitors from out-of-town to eat out and have a good time. Restaurants include the Hard Rock Café, J. Gumbo’s, Marker’s Mark, Sully’s, Rengo Sed Cantina, TGI Friday’s, The Pub, Wet Willie’s, Ri Ra Irish Pub, The Sports and Social Club, Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theater, and PBR Louisville as well as a food court. Many of these restaurants have live entertainment, and Angel’s Rock Bar and Howl At the Moon attract audiences as well. The retail part of 4th Street Live can’t claim quite as many offering though, just Foot Locker, T-Mobile, and CVS Pharmacy. But the site does host a number of concerts throughout the year which attracts people from all walks of life.

Anyone looking for a good meal, time to party with friends, or a fun place to bring out-of-town guests will find that 4th Street Live has a little something for everyone. And now that Tavern on Fourth will soon be a new option for good times with its newly acquired downtown Louisville real estate, 4th Street Live will get even livelier.

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Bowman Field Key to Highlands Homes Appeal

Everyone knows what a fabulous area of Louisville the Highlands is. The stunning homesHistoric Bowman Field Terminal Building close to The Highlands of Louisville brimming with character on tree-lined streets, the Highlands’ proximity to downtown, its easy access to Seneca and Cherokee Parks, and all the nearby restaurants and galleries on Bardstown Road make it one of Derby City’s most sought-after addresses. But it’s not just the parks and dining that make the Highlands such a unique residential area. It’s also the fact that it’s home to the 92-year-old Bowman Field, Louisville’s airport for small aircraft.

One of the oldest continuously operated airfields in the country, Bowman Field has been an important part of local corporate air travel and a key source of flight time for amateur aviators. Among other services, this Louisville landmark provides a way to keep smaller aircraft away from the big commercial jets at Louisville International Airport, and it serves as a major site for pilot training in Kentucky. But you don’t have to be in the business to appreciate Bowman’s magic. Anyone who’s ever sat out on the deck at Bistro Le Relais to sip a glass of wine while watching the planes land at dusk knows quite a bit about Bowman Field’s charms. Its rich history dates back to 1919 and includes a landing by Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louisville in 1927. From 1928 until 1947, Bowman was the city’s main airport until commercial operations moved to Louisville International Airport, then known as Standiford Field.

Now, though, the future of this classic airport may be in question. Business has decreased considerably in recent years resulting in significant deficits. In 1998, there were 195,000 takeoffs and landings. In 2011, there were just 72,000. Additionally, the FAA has started enforcing a larger zone of protected airspace that is required for airports that house the kind of modern instrument landing guidance systems that Bowman has. Some Highlands residents fear that this will mean losing ancient trees in beautiful neighborhoods like Kingsley and Seneca Gardens.

The debate over Bowman Field’s future is far from over. Many believe that despite large deficits, Bowman plays an important role in freeing Louisville International from potential entanglements caused when large commercial jets share space with smaller planes, and that regardless of the number of flights it has, Bowman is needed as a key aviation training site. But others worry that their Highlands homes may be adversely affected if neighborhoods lose many of the old, beautiful trees that are so much a part of the area’s charm. For now, only time will tell.

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