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Wild Eggs Pancake-Eating Championship

Louisville fans of food-eating competitions like the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition and television shows like Man vs. Food, are going to get a rare chance to see an exciting culinary race up close and personal this weekend. This Saturday, September 29th, competitive eaters from all around will come together to take part in the National Wild Eggs Pancake-Eating Championship. 

The top ranked eaters in the Major League Eating organization (yes, I am being for real) will battle in a 10-minute all-you-can-eat chow down.  If you think you have what it takes to take on the professional gut-busters, you can register at any of the three Wild Eggs locations in Louisville or online at www.ifoce.com/events for your chance to win a spot at the table.  Three amateur eaters will be chosen at random to join the competition and see if they can eat with the big boys (and women).  

So what does it take to be a professional eater? You would expect with all the extra carbs, calories and excessive amounts of food that no human needs to consume in one sitting, that every pro eater would be overweight and unhealthy, but surprisingly that is not always the case.  One of the best examples is a newcomer to the competitive eating world. Meredith Boxberger is gaining tons of buzz throughout the MLE after sucking down 21.5 hot dogs in ten minutes during last year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition.  Although Boxberger’s 21.5 hot dogs was not even close to the 45 hot dogs that Sonya, the “Black Widow,” took down to win the women’s division, but Boxberger’s impressive first time show was definitely impressive.  Although both Boxberger and the Black Widow can scarf down an incredible amount of food in a short time, you would not be able to tell by looking at them.  Both women are fit and couldn’t way more than 100 pounds.  

Boxberger says that she runs to stay in good shape.  So what should you expect to see on Saturday? Lots of buttermilk pancakes and lots of water.  Wild Eggs plans on making hundreds of their signature slapjacks and you can expect for most of them to be gone by the end of the 10 minutes.  Boxberger says that water is going to be the key to winning the competition because the pancakes are so dry.  While dipping pancakes in water before eating them might not sound too appetizing, neither does eating as many as I can in 10 minutes.  

I will definitely be at the  Wild Eggs Pancake-Eating Championship this Saturday. it’s not often the we get a chance to see professional eaters in action! The competition will be held at the Wild Eggs location in St. Matthews at 1311 Herr Ln.  If you are wild enough to think you can participate, good luck to you! The top five winners will be awarded cash prizes starting at $150.00 and going up to $2,000 for the winner. For more information on this contest or any other eating competitions you might be interested in participating in or going to, visit the MLE website at www.ifoce.com

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Craft Beer Week in Underway in Louisville

Calling all beer snobs! Calling all beer snobs! Louisville Craft Beer Week is underway! Don’t worry if you’re just finding out, there are plenty of beer-centered events still to come. Now through September 29th, restaurants, bars, and pretty much anyone in the city that is able to serve alcohol, is celebrating the art that is craft beer.  

Louisville has a reputation for being a city of bourbon lovers, and rightly so in fact. Our city is steeped in bourbon history, being part of both the bourbon and urban bourbon trails.  In recent years however, craft beers, micro-breweries, and organic brewhouses have become exceedingly popular among Louisvillians and are sneaking up the preferential totem pole. The past several years have unveiled a slow emergence of availability of these unique brews, followed with a high supply and demand. This has lead to the popular niche market of craft beer in our community.  With the opening of a variety of beer stores, bars, and restaurants that carry these specific beers, Louisvillians have finally been able to open their minds, palates, and  hearts to what is craft beer.

“Craft beer” is defined as a beer brewed by a small, independent, and traditional brewer. Although those three words are wide open for interpretation, the general idea is pretty clear. Small means under 2,000,000 barrels per year, independent means that no larger than 25% of the company can be owned by big business (like Coors, Miller, or A-B), and traditional means that it’s an “all malt flagship” not using corn or rice to lighten body and increase mass appeal like the big dogs.

If you are on either side of the spectrum, either you are a master cicerones or know nothing about craft beer but just want to try some out, this week’s Craft Week will have something for you. Each night of the week, there are just under ten places to go with craft beer and food pairing specials. One of my favorites for tonight, Wednesday September 26th, is Rocky’s Sub Pub’s Indiana vs. Kentucky Tap Off.  Rocky’s across the river in Indiana has amazing views of downtown Louisville as well as great Italian eats. The restaurant and pub has put together a dueling list of both Bluegrass and Hoosier Ales to go head to head against each other for a battle of Kantuckiana.  Some of the featured Kentucky Ales will be BBC-Zin Saison- Funky Saison ages in Zinfandel barrels, BBC- Boubon barrel Stout Falls City- English Pale Ale Kentucky Ale-Bourbon Barrel Ale-IPA (New Release) Against the Grain-Kottbusser-German Ale with oats, molasses, and honey. Beers from Indiana include- New Albanian Hoosier Daddy-Crimson and Cream Ale Three Floyds Risgoop-Mikkeller Collaberation-Bareleywine Flat12 Moustache Ride-Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Amber Sun King- Grapefruit Jungle- India Pale Ale Sun King-3-Anniversary Ale-Hoppy Black Alt Great Crescent Brewrey-Bourbon Barrel Stout Aged in Woodford Barrels.

Thursday night I have to mention one of my favorite events, Pint Night at Mid City Mall Valu Market. I think the idea of drinking beer while grocery shopping makes the tedious task unbelievably  better. Thursday night from 4pm-7pm you can drink and shop at the same time and keep your pint glass for $3.00. Scott Shreffler and Phil Dearner (Aka BeerPimp) will be sampling their beers for $.25 a taste. Fill your own growler too for only $6.00 with select varieties of BBC and Schlafly beers.

Friday night Westport Whiskey and Wine will be hosting an outdoor event at Westport Village to celebrate Craft Beer Week. From 6pm-9pm you can taste beers from 6 local breweries, get delicious food from some local food trucks and enjoy some live music.

To close out the week, I suggest going on Saturday to the Germantown Shotgun Fest. From 2pm-11pm the Nachbar will host a drinking in the street event with food trucks, Flea Off shops, community awareness booths, and of course a lot of good beer. 

These are only a few of the great events going on for Craft Beer Week. For a full list of everything going on, go to http://louisvillebeer.com/calendar.

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Avalon Space to become 'El Camino' Tiki Bar and Restaurant

Residents of the Highlands and foodies from all over the Louisville area were stunned when one of the most popular and seemingly successful Bardstown Road restaurants abruptly closed it’s doors.  Avalon turned off it’s lights and employees walked out at the end of dinner service, never to return, after business owner Steve Clements decided to cease operations back in July.  Clements pulled the plug on Avalon after suffering financial problems stemming from a law suit connected to his Catering Company; Clements Catering.  

For those die hard Avalon fans that were hoping the restaurant would re-open, that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the future for the restaurant.  There is however, an exciting new plan for a quirky and unique restaurant to move in to the space.  

After many phone calls and bids on the property over the past several months, there has been some speculation that the investors of the new and popular restaurant, The Silver Dollar have a sincere interest in the space. Now we can confirm that Larry Rice, part owner of The Silver Dollar and past owner of 732 Social and his team of Silver Dollar partners, are in the final stages of acquiring the Avalon property. Just a few final pieces of financial paperwork stand in the way of the Silver Dollar Team taking over the Avalon Restaurant and putting in it’s place, the “El Camino” Restaurant.

El Camino is going to have three aspects to it’s vibe, it will serve Mexican street food from East Los Angeles and Mexico City, have a Tiki Bar, and will have an overall laid back “California surf hangout” vibe  complete with California surf music.  The tiki bar will serve the over the top cocktails that you would expect from a traditional tiki bar. Drinks serves in pineapples, scorpion bowls, and tiki idol mugs will all be available for your enjoyment at the bar. The restaurant is going to have more entertainment and be more social than most restaurants, but Rice assures that guests will have the choice to sit close to “the show” or away from the entertainment for a quieter dining experience.  

The Executive Chef of El Camino will be Jonathan Shwartz, Head Chef of the Silver Dollar.  Shwartz will prepare to cook Mexican Street food by leaning on his Mexican wife and consulting with his Mother-in Law who runs a business in Cancun but will be spending several months in Louisville to help the business get off  to a good start. 

El Camino is going to be nothing like anything we have seen on Bardstown Road to date.  It is going to be interesting to see how they balance the “cheese factor” with true entertainment.  As long as the food and the drinks are high quality and the service is excellent, I think they will be a success. I am excited for a fun restaurant to enter the dining stratosphere that doesn’t sound too stuffy!

From an Earlier Blog:

Highlanders have found themselves wrapped up in yet another mystery, the sudden and unforeseen closing of the Avalon restaurant.  Avalon abruptly closed it’s doors last week, posting white paper signs in the windows stating their closure was due to “unforeseen circumstances.”  Avalon opened it’s doors in 2002 and was one of the most popular hot spots on Bardstown Road’s Restaurant Row.  Avalon has won numerous award and accolades over it’s ten years of service. Most recently it won Metromix Louisville’s Best Date and Special Occasion Spot, Best of Louisville Award for Best Patio Dining, and was given over ten published reviews and write-ups in the last year. he Lobster Mac and Cheese, signature cocktails, and lively patio were all staples of Avalon that will surely be missed by many. 

I walked by the front of the restaurant yesterday, and I peeked inside the large windows to see what shape it was in.  It was rather odd, as if someone came in and told everyone to drop what they were doing, mid sweep, and leave.  Dust pans are still by the bathrooms, tables are still set, and nothing seems to be touched from the end of dinner service.  Something didn’t seem right.  Avalon was a hip restaurant, a place to be and be seen, nearly always busy.  So what could force them to close their doors, and so suddenly at that?     

In just the past couple of days, information has started to surface, that is helping us understand why Avalon had to shut down.  Steve Clements, owner of Avalon, is also the operator of Clements Catering. Clements Catering was headquartered at the Kentucky Derby Museum up until a week before the mysterious closing of Avalon.  Apparently, Clements was let go by the Kentucky Derby Museum, and is now being sued by the Museum, citing “unresolved conflicts.” There is speculation that for the past few years, Clements has been defrauding the Kentucky Derby Museum with “creative accounting.” Neither side has come out and said that this is the case, but the Kentucky Derby Museum is asking for compensation plus punitive damages.  Clements is the owner of Luna Boutique as well. Luna Boutique offers jewelry, accessories, and spa treatments. Luna Boutique is still open and having a 50% off sale, but their future is still unknown.  

It is really a shame to lose a great restaurant like Avalon, especially so suddenly.  In time we will see what happens with this story, if Avalon will ever re-open, or if it is gone for good.  The good news is that in Louisville we are not lacking in the great food department. We will survive without Avalon’s Lobster Mac and Cheese, it might be hard for a while, but we will find a way.    

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Theatre in Louisville

There is so much art being made in our city right now that I have to let you in on all that you could be missing.  It is pretty amazing that at any given time in Louisville these days, there will be three or more plays being put on by one of the many successful theatre companies,  a concert or music event just around the corner, and a variety of art exhibits showcasing local artists’ work.  Who would think that Louisville, Kentucky of all places would have become such a cutting edge and flourishing arts town, but it surely has. This week there are a variety of plays going on in Louisville. With National touring musicals coming through the city, to community theatre productions that are getting a lot of buzz, there will be something for everyone’s taste and budget.   

The popular hit musical Wicked is rolling through Louisville beginning this week and Louisville audiences couldn’t be more excited. The story takes a twist on the Wizard of Oz’s two battling witches, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glenda, the Good Witch. Wicked runs now through September 30th. Wicked will be performed at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and tickets start at $96.00 and go up from there. For more information on showtimes or any other questions about Wicked, go to http://www.wickedlouisville.com.

Romeo and Juliet, at Actors Theatre of Louisville is getting great reviews.  Director Tony Speciale sets the Shakespeare play in an affluent California suburb in modern time. Contemporary issues of the day add another layer to Romeo and Juliet’s already complicated love.  The cast along with the choices made by the director make this version of the classic brand new.  Romeo and Juliet runs now through September 26 and tickets start at $51.00. For more information, or for tickets, go to actorstheatre.org. Next To Normal at CenterStage Theatre is creating a lot of buzz around town.  While eating breakfast at Toast the other morning I heard the table next to me discussing the intensity of the show and how much they enjoyed it.  

Next To Normal is a Pulitzer Prize winning musical whose music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and BrianYorkey provide the perfect mix of humor and humility.   Next to Normal tells the story of a family dealing with the harsh realities of a Bi-Polar matriarch.  Next to Normal runs through September 16th and tickets are $18 in advance and $20 the day of. For more information go to jewishlouisville.com/centerstage.

Pandora Productions is opening up it’s season with Kiss of the Spiderwoman. This Tony Award Winning musical tells the love story of two cellmates in a Latin-American prison. “Kiss” opens September 13th and runs through September 22nd and tickets are $20.  For more information go to pandoraprods.com.

Time Flies is taking audiences on a trip through past, present, and future. Lepetomane’s play about time travel is running now through September 16th at the Bard’s Town and tickets start at $8. For more information and showtimes go to lepetomane.org.

We have so many excellent theatre troupes in town and this week is a great time to get out and support them. Some great plays are running right now, so you don’t want to miss them!

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NuLuFest in Louisville this weekend

After hearing about the numerous accolades and awards the new restaurant Harvest has been given since it’s recent opening in the foodie neighborhood of NuLu, my husband and I have been dying to go. Not only was I interested in dining in a restaurant that other people thought was great, but Harvest’s mission and menu was something I not only believed in but could not wait to see how it came to life. Harvest is all about “outstanding, regionally inspired, seasonal cuisine from the freshest and finest local produce, in a casual dining setting.”  This was what Harvest aimed for, and this was exactly what they gave me. Harvest was all about a comfortable, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.  The organic wood textiles and photographs of the farmers on the walls inside the restaurant made me feel like I was part of something, part of the food. I was included in the story of where my food was coming from and what I was eating, and that made my dining experience that much more special.  Everything I ate was spectacular in that I could taste the ingredients.  So often the produce is muddled by sauces, herbs, or butter, but at Harvest I could taste every flavor. We started out with the roasted garlic-chard hummus with pretzel crostini.  A true “appetizer” the chard in the hummus was an unexpected earthy flavor, tasting more like a vegetarian pate then a hummus.  Several pickled vegetables complemented the plate and awakened my palate with a powerful punch in my mouth. 

 Next on the menu was  my salad of bibb lettuce, oven-dried tomatoes, smoked bacon, asiago breadstick, and basil vinaigrette. This was the perfect salad, and I don’t say that lightly.  The first thing I tasted was the lettuce, which ironically, you so rarely taste in a salad! There was just the right amount of dressing and a little crunch from the bacon and tomatoes added some contrast. The salad was simple and full of flavor.  

 For my main course I wanted to order a dish that would let the restaurant’s mission shine.  The buttermilk fried chicken, pesto hoecake, peppercorn gravy, and beet hot sauce was delectable.  The hot and crispy fried chicken came piled atop the large hoecake that was light and moist and when all the dish’s elements were eaten together it was positively perfect.  This dish was just how I had hoped it would be; comfort food executed so well, with such incredible flavors that it is taken to another level.  

 For dessert we ordered the apple pie.  If I hadn’t eaten a similar rhubarb pie a few weeks earlier that stole my heart, this pie would have been wonderful, but instead it fell to my previous dessert.   

The food at Harvest was amazing, but the service, although extremely amicable, could do with some tweaking.  All the employees that we encountered from the moment we entered Harvest were friendly and helpful.  The problem was with the communication between the kitchen and front of house.  Our cocktails came after our appetizer, our salads came before we finished our appetizer. The restaurant was half empty and it felt like the kitchen was rushing us out of there.  It ended up slowing down after I refused to eat my salad until I finished my appetizer.  

Harvest’s minor indiscretions were heavily outweighed by the amazing food and excellent atmosphere.  I couldn’t recommend it any higher. 

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LEO Reader’s Choice Awards

It’s that time of the year again, when local business owners learn their rank after curiously awaiting their fates. The Louisville Eccentric Observer’s Reader’s Choice Awards in one of the city’s most popular and well regarded surveys, including over 30,000 Louisvillian votes. I just went through all of the winners and I have to say I am pretty disappointed with several of my fellow voters’ choices. Like every year, some of the winners were suspected, but there were several major players that were left out of their categories, some winners that have no business in their categories, and a few winners that just left me baffled.

  The Brown Hotel invented the delicious Hot Brown, so if it didn’t win the “Best Hot Brown“ category, the Reader‘s Choice Awards would be severely flawed. BC Plumbing sweeps the “Best Plumber” category every year so that was expected, and  Heine Brothers is both a local business and on every corner now-a-days, so it was the clear winner in the “Best Coffee” category.  

Other categories however, left me stunned at the lack of inclusion of what I considered to be the obvious top choices.  How do you not include Cherokee Park in the top three best parks in Louisville? El Mundo wasn’t recognized for “Best Mexican Restaurant” and Azalea was recognized over Avalon as “A Restaurant you Wished Didn’t Go Out of Business.” Maybe it is just me, but I do not find Pat’s Steakhouse romantic whatsoever, delicious, but not romantic. When I saw it in the “Most  Romantic Restaurant” category I was in disbelief. I immediately felt bad for the poor schmuck who saw the category in the LEO and decided to take a date there expecting one thing and getting another.  

I understand that there are a lot of choices in restaurants, goods, and services in Louisville and that the LEO reaches a wide range of Louisvillians, but it seems to me that the majority of voters that turned out this year may have been out of tough with my personal tastes.  To have one of the winners in the “Best Take Out Food” category be Yankee Noodle from Oxmoor Mall, says a lot. This is one of the wonderful things about the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards, that you never know who is going to vote, and who is going to win. 

Unfortunately, when people vote on favorite businesses, and those businesses can gain customers from what seems like something that is just for fun, fowl play often ensues.  I heard through sources during last years choice awards that one business in particular had rigged their computer to vote for themselves several hundred times every day.  That business ended up placing in their category without any suspicion.  This year however, I came across news that that several thousands of the votes had to be thrown out due to similar fowl play.  LEO is certain however that this years winners are free and clear of any wrong doing. 

If you are a lucky winner, know one of the winners, or want to shmooze with the winners, tomorrow is the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards Party.  The Old Hollywood themed party will also celebrate the Magazine’s 22nd Birthday.  The LEO party will take place Thursday September 22 at the Louisville Water Tower from 6pm to 9pm.  Tickets are $20.00 and all proceeds go to the Dare to Care food Bank.  To purchase tickets go to http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e69se5381cf31717&llr=xgfa8lkab

I don’t mean to be so negative about the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards, I really do find it interesting and helpful when looking for new places to go.   Grab a LEO and check it out for yourself, you may completely disagree with my findings, that’s the beauty of “choice”.

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Irish Hill's RootsFest

One of the countless things I love about living in Louisville is that on any given day I can be driving or walking and turn a corner, only to run into one of many neighborhood festivals. Coming upon a street filled with people and tents when I didn’t expect to, reinvigorates my love of community. Louisville is a city of communities and neighborhoods. Each major community is complete with several neighborhoods, each with their own individual distinctions and whose residents are filled with neighborhood pride.

This weekend, one of Louisville’s Highlands’ neighborhoods is hosting a one-day festival. The Irish Hill neighborhood will host RootsFest this Saturday, September 15th. RootsFest will feature music, arts and crafts, and delicious food. In addition to local artists featuring their work, there will be some special guests at RootsFest for the Kids and as part of the non-profit fair. All day there will be a special kids craft booth headed by artist Aerie Meredith complete with plenty of exciting things to keep your kids busy. Starting at 12:30pm Walden Theatre, which is an Irish Hill neighbor, will be performing Guerilla Theatre. If you are interested in learning about providing safe drinking water for developing countries, WaterStep will be teaching about safe drinking water for our planet and how you can get involved.

Music will be going on all day long at RootsFest. The entertainment beginnings at 11am with the local blues band, Louisville Blues & The Blues Chasers. At 1:30pm The Bluegrass Messengers go on stage with their rendition of the blues followed by Appaltin at 2:30pm with their Appalachian-Latin fusion music.

If you are anything like me, the thing you look forward to the most at festivals is the food. At RootsFest, food will be provided by Gary’s on Spring, and plenty of hot vittles, craft beer and “delicious libations” will be available. A Four Roses bourbon tasting is also on the list of events for the day.

All proceeds for RootsFest will go to WaterStep, formally Edge Outreach. It’s great to know that not only can you have a wonderful time with your community, but when you do at RootsFest, it’s funds go to a good cause. 

Irish Hill is located in the Highlands, bound by Baxter Avenue to the West, Lexington Road to the North, Middle Fork at Beargrass Creek and I-64 to the East, and Cave Hill Cemetery to the South. Irish Hill is a neighborhood that holds a place between two communities; the Highlands and Clifton, getting the best of both communities. Within walking distance to both Frankfort Avenue and Bardstown Road, the Shotgun Houses of Irish Hill make up both a convenient and comfortable neighborhood. Irish Hill is filled with history as well. Home to the Distillery Commons, which was once the Old Kentucky Distillery, the largest distillery in the World of its time, and several historic homes, Irish Hill’s historic relevance makes it a unique place to call home.

I strongly suggest going out and supporting the Irish Hill neighborhood’s first ever RootsFest.  RootsFest is going to provide some great music, food, and fun, so get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Jeffersontown's Beloved Gaslight Festival

Residents of Jeffersontown have been looking forward to this week’s annual celebration for a while now. Jtown’s beloved Gaslight Festival began in 1969 and has since become the fifth largest festival in the area. A balloon glow, 5k run, parade, live entertainment, and over 140 booths are all part of the festival. So far this week a Thunder Motorcycle Rally, Gaslight Golf Scramble, and the 5K Walk/Run have taken place as part of the festivities. Don’t worry however if you are just getting clued in to all that Gaslight has to offer, there is much more to come later in the week. Wednesday is Business Appreciation Day, Thursday is the Gaslight Festival Parade, Friday is the Balloon Glow, and Sunday is the Gaslight Car Show. Running the entire weekend, Friday through Sunday, is an Arts Crafts Extravaganza and Entertainment Garden, and A Soap Box Derby will be Saturday and Sunday.

The Gaslight Festival has been bringing the Jeffersontown community together with fun and entertainment for the past 43 years. Jeffersontown, Kentucky is the second largest city in Jefferson County and home to the Bluegrass Industrial Park, the third largest employer in the State. Originally a close knit community of dirt roads and mom and pop shops, Jeffersontown was established in the mid 1700’s and was filled with stonecutters, saddlers, and craftsmen. In the late 1800’s the first road was put down in the City and in 1904 the Electric Railway, or Interurban, established a route from Jeffersontown to Louisville’s Public Square, creating progress and development opportunities to the neighborhood. The 1950’s brought tremendous growth to the Jeffersontown community. With the opening of General Electric’s Appliance Park and the new interchange at I-64, residents were moving to the Jeffersontown area in large quantities.  Jeffersontown is still growing today, and is one of the areas in Louisville with the most ongoing development.

Below is a brief explanation of the biggest events of the Gaslight Festival:

  • Gaslight Festival Parade: The parade runs along Taylorsville Road and    Watterson Trail in  Jeffersontown. Over 100 marching bands, Jtown residents, horses, and antique cars will be featured in the parade. Thursday September 15 6:00pm- 8:00pm
  • Gaslight Entertainment Garden Bands include: Edgewood on Friday September 14 from 7pm-10pm
    Muji Fuji on Saturday September 15 from 2pm-5pm
    Jefferson Tarc Bus on Saturday September 15 from 6pm to 10pm
    Larry Underwood and the Hound Dog Lucy on Sunday September 16 from 2pm-    5pm
  • Gaslight Arts and Crafts Extravaganza: over 140 artists from all over the country have traveled to show their art.   
    Friday September 14 from 7pm-10pm
    Saturday September 15 from 9am-10pm 
    Sunday September 16 from noon-6pm

Jeffersontown’s Gaslight Festival has become a time honored tradition for the community. Even if you are not a member of the Jtown neighborhood, there will be plenty of great entertainment, food, and art for everyone’s tastes that should get you off your couch this weekend and outside enjoying the beautiful weather. For more information on the Gaslight Festival check out the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce’s website at http://www.jtownchamber.com/gaslightfestival.aspx.

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Mark Your Calendar - Downtown Louisville Living Tour

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, are interested in looking into downtown living, or love looking into new developments, I have good news for you. Mark your calendars, because in just a couple of weeks you will have a rare opportunity to check out several of Louisville’s newest downtown living options, all in one day. The 11th annual Downtown Living Tour hosted by The Louisville Downtown Management District will be held on Saturday, September 15th from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
The Downtown Living Tour will give visitors, residents, and prospective homebuyers the chance inside some of the areas finest residential buildings. The tour will consist of thirteen buildings ranging from classics like the Galt House Suite Apartments to  new construction condominiums like Fleur-De-Lis on Main. The thirteen buildings will include condos, apartment, and lofts. Right in the center of downtown, close to Fourth Street and several of the city’s high end hotels is the first stop, Barrington Place. A 17-story high-rise, Barrington Place is one of Louisville’s older establishments. Crescent Center is next on the tour. Crescent Center is one of the most recognizable downtown residential buildings, known for it’s “Crescent moon” shape. The building has both residential and commercial properties and is very close to great dining, theatre, and entertainment. Crescent Center recently underwent renovations, and will be showing off refurbished apartments and a new community room. The Lofts at Artspace are the next stop and have got people talking. Though the plans for the lofts were set back in 2007, their construction was said to have happened. Now, on the tour, the Lofts at Artspace is getting a lot of buzz. St. Francis Apartments, the Monsarrat, and the new Park Edge are the next stops. Park Edge is one of the City’s newest Public/Private developments and is still under construction. It will eventually have three restaurants and retail spaces along with nine apartments. It is part of the next stop, City Homes at the Edge. SoHo Lofts, Edison Park, and Falls City Lofts are next. Falls City Lofts is still under construction, but is said to be an unbelievable project when finished. The incredible location and high end finishes are supposedly going to set this building apart from any other of it’s kind. The finale three stops are Mercantile Gallery Lofts, Fleur-de-Lis on Main, and The Galt House Suite Apartments. The Galt House offers classic Downtown Louisville luxury. Located directly on the Ohio River, the apartments at the Galt House combine urban life with river city living. Be prepared for one day of the year however, Thunder Over Louisville, you will be expected to either get out of town or have a party.

Participants on the tour are told to meet in the lobby of the Brown and Williamson Tower located at the corner of Fourth and Liberty Streets. There will be free parking available to participants in the tour in the Fourth Street Live parking garage, located off of Fifth Street. The tour free and open to the public and a free shuttle will be provided to take participants to each residential location. For more information on the tour or any of the residential buildings on the tour, go to www.ldmd.org.

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September at Norton Commons

Norton CommonsNorton Commons is one of Louisville’s newest and most unique neighborhoods and is a community that emphasizes convenience. More than a typical subdivision, Norton Commons, is the first project built under Jefferson County’s new “Planned Village Development” ordinance.  Established in 2004, Norton Commons encompasses 600 acres, 150 which of are parks, and includes countless amenities. Although Norton Commons is a new construction development, homes built in the neighborhood are built in classic styles including Foursquare Arts and Crafts, Italianate Cottage, Greek Revival, and Spice styles. Norton Commons has ongoing events, most of which are open to the public. This September, Norton Commons is offering the public two great events, that will cover a variety of your needs.

Friday, September 14th is Norton Commons’ “Movie on the Lawn.”  Geared towards families, the movie featured will be Happy Feet 2. The film will be shown in the Town Center, and everyone is encouraged to bring their own seating, munchies and blankets to curl up for a free night of movie-watching as a community.

Mark your calendars now for Norton Commons Charity Homes Celebration at the end of the month. September 29th through October 14th you can tour thirteen newly built and decorated homes at Norton Commons, created just for this event. Each house benefit’s a particular charity so touring the homes will not only benefit you, but will benefit others as well. Seven homes are still available to be purchased, so if you are in the market for a new house, keep that in mind.  The tour’s hours will be each Wednesday and Friday from 4:00pm- 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm-6:00pm.

Retail Area Norton CommonsWhether you are visiting Norton Commons for one of September’s events, or just going to visit a friend, make sure you stop by one of the many retail and dining options. Retail stores include Eclectica Gallery, Something Blue, Ribbons and Rags, and Saratoga Design and Accessories.  After you go shopping and work up an appetite, you can grab something to eat at one of  Norton Commons’ excellent restaurants which include Tea Station Chinese Bistro, Karem’s Grille and Pub, and Gelato Gilberto. 

Norton Commons is located North of I-71 just off the Gene Snyder Freeway. Most of the community is located in Jefferson County, although it extends partially into Oldham County. 

Norton Commons was built to promote community living. Smaller lots, grid patterned streets, side walks, and front porches where neighbors can enjoy each other’s company, promote the neighborhood living. Norton Commons is all about convenience. Several restaurants, schools, dog parks, playgrounds, pools, and various other amenities are all within walking distance from your front door. This picture perfect “village” combines ease and tranquility to create a relaxing place to call home.

For more information on Norton Commons and other events going on throughout the year in their community, go to the Norton Commons website at  www.nortoncommons.com. To purchase tickets to the Norton Commons Charity Homes Celebration, go to http://www.nortoncommons.com/CharityHomeCelebration.html.

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Drink Up! It's National Bourbon Heritage Month

Knob Creek BourbonI find it rather appropriate that my birthday lies in the same month that holds the title of “National Bourbon Heritage Month.” I’m not saying that I’m a lush, but I realized when I went to college in Toronto and mouths dropped open around me when I ordered a bourbon on the rocks, that there was something unique in my bones. Here in Kentucky, it is not uncommon for a woman to enjoy herself a good bourbon after a long day, or hell, even in the middle of the day; my grandmother always had a bourbon in her hand. This is one of the many things I love about the place that I call home.

Louisville takes great pride in it’s bourbon trail heritage. Everything from our architecture, hospitality, commerce, and restaurants can be linked with bourbon. Louisville is a bourbon loving city, and there is no time better to explore Louisville’s best bourbon hot spots than during National Bourbon Heritage Month. The celebration began in 2007 with Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, calling for recognition of bourbon as America’s “Native Spirit.” Bourbon has deep roots in family heritage and tradition in Kentucky and September is a time to celebrate and reflect on that legacy.

Many local restaurants have caught on to National Bourbon Heritage Month and want to celebrate bourbon along with bourbon lovers of Louisville. Many restaurants and bars will be having bourbon drink specials and special menu items featuring bourbon.

Four Roses Bourbon has teamed with Impellizerris Pizza to create and feature a Kentucky Bourbon Hot Brown Pizza.  Four Roses Yellow Bourbon will be the bourbon used in the new recipe, and it is supposed to be delicious.

Blantons Kentucky BourbonNorth End Café will offer specialty bourbon cocktails all month long and will pair the cocktails with the existing menu. They will offer everything from breakfast cocktails to a twist on a Manhattan. Each cocktail will be $8.00. The new cocktails will include:
    Pecan Bourbon Sour: Bourbon with coffee and vanilla bitters
    Smokey Joe: Bourbon with smoked black tea, maple syrup, bitters
    Right side of the bed: Bourbon with orange marmalade and vermouth
    Mirabelle: Bourbon and plum with lemon and peach bitters
    Umbrian Manhattan: bourbon with dry vermouth and campari

Proof on Main is offering a lot of interesting extras this month for bourbon enthusiasts.  All month long a special bourbon cocktail list will be available, including drinks like:
    Bronco: Makers Mark, Fernet Branca, Lime, and egg white
    Mozmo: Old Grandad Bonded, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse
    Lazy Eye: Old Forester, Bitters, Lemon, Orange

Proof will also have guest distillers available on various occasions to answer any questions you might have about bourbon. Guest distillers will be at Proof from 5:30pm-7:30om the following evenings:
    September 13th-Hunter Chavanne of Kentucky Bourbon Distillers
    September 20th Todd Rowe from Woodford Reserve                                                
    September27th- Julian Van Winkle
    September 28th-Trey Zoeller, McLaine& Kyne   

These are just a few of the great new specials you can take advantage of this month. Many of Louisville’s best restaurants will be celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month so get out there and experience the limited time offers they have going on. 

Drink responsibly and remember to always keep with you your Southern charm and hospitality!

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'Sundays in September' The Tyler Park Jazz Festival

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on my newfound appreciation for Jazz music in our beloved city.  I didn’t realize just how much Jazz was available in both local radio and live venues. It seems like more often then not, when I learn about a new hot topic going on in Louisville, so the saying goes, “when it rains it pours.“ My monthly Tyler Park Neighborhood Association newsletter came a few days ago, and what would you guess was right on the cover? This weekend marks the first of “Sundays in September” Tyler Park Jazz Festival.  

Each Sunday evening from 4:00pm to 6:00pm this September, residents of the Tyler Park neighborhood, the Highlands, and Jazz enthusiasts from all over Louisville will gather in the park to enjoy some free Jazz. This is the third year for the Jazz Festival, growing larger and more successful each year. This year, in addition to the music, special raffles will be drawn each concert night sponsored by local businesses, Kizito Cookies , Dittos, Baxter Avenue Theatres and Yoga on Baxter. The delicious and locally owned Comfy Cow Ice Cream will be available for purchase, so make sure you put your kids in comfy shoes to run off the sugar-high afterwards! For the safety and comfort of everyone at the concert, The Jazz Festival is a no pet event, and no alcohol is permitted at the park as well. The concert in the park is a good-old “bring your own lawn chair or blanket and listen to some music in the park” concert, so don’t forget your own seating. 

There are some great local Jazz musicians set to perform in the park. The following is the concert line-up for the “Sundays in September” Festival:

September 9th:   Jamey Abersold Quartet

September 16th: Walker and Kays

September 23rd: Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble

September 30th: University of Louisville Jazz Ensemble, directed by John La Barbera

I will be at the Jazz concert nights, if not every night, most of them. I am looking forward to spending time with my community while hanging out with my family at the same time. Festivals and events like these are not only important for neighborhoods and communities, but enrich the lives of all involved. I am most excited for my oldest son, who is only two, but will remember bits and pieces of this time in his life, to be able to run around in the park with the other children from the neighborhood while some great live music is playing in the background. I remember times in my childhood like these where life seemed perfect. I can not recommend any higher to check out the “Sundays in September” Tyler Park Jazz Festival. If you have friends in the area you want to enjoy the concert with, or if you don’t know anyone, come out and meet some new people. You will not be disappointed, and at the very least you will get to hear some good music.

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Mellwood Arts Center September Art Fair

I am excited to say that my new home’s bare walls may not have to be bare for much longer. If you are in need for some art for your home, or just like to peruse the local art fairs, you are in luck.  This weekend marks the 4th annual Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center’s September Art Fair. The indoor and outdoor festival will feature over 200 local and regional artists and artisans. Whether you are looking for a large scale painting for an accent wall in your home, or a small trinket to remember the day, there will be something at the festival for everyone’s taste, needs, and budget. 

 The Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center is a sort of arts festival in itself. The center is open to the public year round, seven days a week. Originally the Fischer Meat Packing Company, the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center has since been renovated into a one-of-a-kind center for the arts community. The MAEC is a 360,000 square foot facility housing artists’ studio spaces, galleries, teaching studios, specialty stores, rehearsal spaces, and office spaces. In addition to all it’s in house offerings, the center has become well known for all it’s great events. Several art fairs, music concerts, and film festivals have been held at the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center and have helped it gain notoriety. The MAEC has three event rooms, making it available for weddings and special event rentals. Weddings in particular, have become very popular over the last several years at the center. The Mellwood Arts and Entertainments Center’s regular business hours are 9:00am-9:00pm, seven days a week. The market’s primary hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm (shops, studios, and galleries may have additional hours).

 There are three galleries in the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center that are worth checking out. The first gallery is the newest addition to the center; Gallery M. Gallery M is postmodern in design and contemporary art fills the room. Gallery A and Gallery B come together in the Bridge Gallery. An exhibition space and thoroughfare, this space can be seen from the courtyard of the center as well. The bridge gallery connects Galleries A and B and in a unique walkway exhibit. The Pigment Gallery is the original gallery of the center, showcasing new artists every two months. Folk art and juried exhibits are often the featured art in the gallery.  

 You can find me this weekend at the fair looking through the black and white photographs, or maybe the large scale oil paintings, or shoot, I probably need some sculptures too. Oh boy, I am looking forward to this weekend! The September Art Fair will be on this weekend, Saturday September 8th and Sunday September 9th on the grounds of the Center. The fair will run each day from 10:00am-6:00pm and is free to the public. For more information on the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center, directions to the center, or information on future events going on, go to mellwoodartscenter.com.

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Tips for Managing Your Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. As many folks know who have recently moved to Louisville from across the county or from the far reaches of the globe – as well as those hose have just moved across town – it’s also a whole lot of work. But don’t let it intimidate you! Yes, it’s a big job, but with the right approach, it can add to the excitement of your new beginning, not take away from it. Following these tips will help you manage moving into your Louisville home. Believe it or not, you’ll be all smiles when the moving truck arrives.

Overdo It on Supplies – There’s a universal law when it comes to moving: You will need way more moving supplies than you think you will. So stock up on boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, colored dots and markers, and when you think you have plenty, go back and get more. This will keep you from having to make trips to the store for these items during the actual move, which slows things down and causes unnecessary frustration.

Plan Ahead – You’re not just moving your belongings from one home to another; you are changing your whole way of living. Too often, people forget to take care of the many, many “life details” that are involved in changing residences. Well in advance of your move, make a list of all the things about your life that will change in some way. Devote a major section of this list to all home-related services that you’ll need, like gas and electric, water, telephone, cable, Internet, etc. Have one column for the date your service will end at the old place and another for the date it will begin at the new one. Then check each one off as the service is transferred. On another section of this list, jot down the names of every company or organization who will need your new address. To help you avoid forgetting some, start your list a few months before the move and have it handy every time you go through the mail. The bills that arrive each day, either by post or via email, will help you remember what to add to your list. The companies that manage your mortgage, car loan, credit cards, cell phone, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, etc. will need to know about your new residence. Also, remember to file your change of address with the post office.

Pack It Up – The actual packing of the boxes may not be tons of fun, but there are ways to do it that will make the whole process much smoother. First and foremost, remember not to pack boxes too full and be careful with heavy objects. Too many people end up trying to lug overfilled boxes out to a waiting truck only to have them break from the excessive weight, which can result in damaged items, lost time and additional stress. Also, don’t just randomly put items into boxes without an organizational strategy. Instead, label and color-code each box so you know exactly where it goes in the new house. For instance, you can write “kitchen” on a box you put dishes in and add a yellow dot. That way, when you’re unpacking, you’ll know that all of the boxes with the yellow dots hold items that will go in your new kitchen cabinets.

Prepare a Day One Box - Let each member of the family pack a box with the things he or she will need on the very first day and night in the new house. Things like sheets for the bed, a towel, necessary toiletries, a lamp, alarm clock, a change of clothes, medicines, etc. will help everyone feel more secure knowing that even if some of their items don’t see the light of day for a while, life will still go on just fine.The actual move may not be the most exciting part of purchasing a new home, but using these techniques will help you expertly manage your move to or within Louisville. A little advanced planning and the use of a couple clever tricks on moving day will get you in your new home quicker so that you can get on to the adventures that await you there.

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