A Girls Night out at Volare

Last night, I decided to beat the heat indoors, when my sister invited me to have dinner with her at Volare on Frankfort Avenue. For those of you who are keeping up with my blog, you will know that I was supposed to participate in a 5K race last night. I wasn’t so gung ho about the running part of the event, but I did want to support the West End School which the race’s proceeds supported. Although I missed the race, I have plans of my own to help the school, which I fully intent on filling you in on. Okay, now that I have the guilt and shame off my back, I will proceed with informing you on my wonderful night.  

Volare is one of those restaurants that I have driven by one-hundred times, every time saying I want to try, but never having a reason to or never thinking of it amongst the many other dining options. So when my sister called me with an invitation to go with her to Volare, I jumped at the opportunity. My sister and I are both mothers of two boys and so it is imperative that we get out for dinner and drinks every once in a while. Every Wednesday night at Volare is “Ladies Night,” and when my sister was sent an invitation via email to the event, she picked up the phone immediately to make sure we would be the first two women sitting at the bar with wine glasses in our hands.  

We arrived separately to the restaurant and when I walked in, my sister was seated at the crowded bar.  The large bar has four sides and takes up half of the entire restaurant.  There is a large mural of Florence, Italy on the back wall that sets the scene for the upscale, yet rustic and comfortable interior. When I arrived at 7:00pm, the bar was obviously the hot spot. One of Louisville’s favorite female singer’s Robbie Bartlett, was performing, sending my sister into a tailspin, transporting her back to her Robbie Bartlett groupie days. I attempted to take a seat next to my sister at the bar when an older gentleman who was chatting her up decided that he wasn’t going to budge, but that he wanted to sit in between us. This man seems nice enough, persistent, but kind, and obviously was at Volare for Ladies Night as well, so we obliged. I soon learned that this gentleman, along with many others around the bar, was a regular. Volare is full of regulars, so many regulars, and so regular in fact, that they will cork your bottle of wine and keep it for you for the next time. I call that service! At the bar for Ladies Night they offered half priced bottles of wine, discounted glasses of wine and martinis, and signature cocktails. There were also several drawings for  giveaways like massages and spa treatments, which unfortunately I did not win.   

Now lets talk food.  After looking over both the small plates menu, and the full dinner menu, I was perplexed to say the least. There were so many delicious looking choices. My sister is a vegetarian, which for me, is like dining with my hands tied behind my back. My sister and I did however compromise on a good menu. We decided to stay at the bar, because I didn’t want to leave my Pinot Noir, and she, her Riesling. We shared several small plates, including Bruschetta which was simply delicious, made with creamy goat cheese, white truffle oil, red peppers, and oyster mushrooms, the spicy calamari, and a tomato, cucumber and feta salad that we ordered off the menu. My sister ordered an eggplant and ricotta cheese dish that was to die for, while I had to feed my carnivorous desires with the tenderloin slyder that melted in my mouth. I was very impressed with the food at Volare, and I am not always the easiest to please. I cannot wait to go back for a full meal in the dining room and order off of the dinner menu.

One Wednesday out of the month, the “Ladies Night” proceeds go to support a good cause. Check with the Volare website for information. August 29th, Volare will be putting on an event to support Brooklawn Child and Family Services. I will get more information to you as I get it. 

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