Be Prepared For the Zombies!

This year I am going to be prepared for the zombies! If you live in the Highlands you know what I’m talking about, and if you are going to be anywhere near the Highlands this Wednesday night, you are going to be thankful that you read this blog before you traveled to the area. It seems like every year I either forgot about the Zombie Walk, or I didn’t know it existed. I always end up driving in my car, staring at someone in a zombie costume, shocked, scared, or legitimately freaked out staring at someone walking in my neighborhood with blood running out of their mouth. This Wednesday night at 8:29 will mark this years Zombie Attack Walk and I suggest you be prepared. Bardstown Road and the Highlands will be filled with people dressed up in “Night of the Living Dead” wears. Their goal? To stop traffic, create chaos and freak out as many passerbys as possible.

This year’s walk is hoping to be bigger and better than ever. Walk creators John King, Mike Welch, and Lyndi Lou started the Walk as a birthday celebration and never dreamed that it would have picked up the popularity that it has. Now a hipster Summer staple event in Louisville, they hope to break the World record for the largest zombie walk in the world. This year’s walk will be longer than ever before. The walk will start at Mid City Mall at the traditional time of 8:29 on 8/29.  There will be a pre-party at the Back Door Bar and Grille beginning at 8:00pm. This year, the walk has a new end point, the Monkey Wrench. The Monkey Wrench will be hosting a huge party with live entertainment, awards, drinks and more. The Va Va Vixens, Squeezebot, OK Zombie, and other artists will perform.  Lots of awards will be given out too for the best zombie costumes. The hottest zombie award, grossest zombie award, king and queen zombie awards and the golden machete awards will be handed out at the Monkey Wrench at 10:30pm, so make sure you put some thought in to your zombie costumes.
If dressing up like a zombie is not your thing, you may want to go out on Bardstown Road and check out all the chaos.  Free tee shirts and other giveaways will be handed out and the sights are sure to be entertaining.

The Zombie Attack Walk is just one of those unique things that makes Louisville the great city that it is. I have to admit, it might be a little obnoxious for a few hours Wednesday night to have to deal with my two-year-old son freaking out every time a zombie walks in front of our house, but I guess that’s just part of the beauty of living in the Highlands. I know many people have mixed views on the Zombie Walk, but the way I see it is that it’s great that we live in a city where artists and fans can express themselves publicly, and for those who disagree, well its only for one night, so deal with it.

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