Blight Out and Brighten Up

Every day, twelve abandoned Louisville homes are boarded up with plain plywood boards, instantly decreasing the homes’ value, the areas resale values and leave an eyesore for the neighborhood.  CJ Fletcher, Special Events Coordinator for the City, and acclaimed artist, is working to do something about this problem spanning throughout our beloved City. “Blight Out and Brighten Up” reaches out to volunteers to help paint the plywood boards that will be boarding up these abandoned Louisville homes.  Fletcher believes that bringing art to what would otherwise be run down homes, will not only cheer up any passerby’s, but will also help fight property deterioration and help deter the resulting decreases in values.  No one can argue that almost anything would be better than those hideous plywood boards, and art seems a treat.

There have been two painting sessions so far, and volunteers seem very excited about the project. All the supplies have been generously donated and volunteers have been coming out in great numbers.  The last painting session was held at the old Armored Car building at 6th and Zane in the Limerick neighborhood of Old Louisville. Plans are underway to turn the building into an arts complex featuring a theatre, art gallery, and coffee shop called Vault 1031 (more info to come).

Crews have begun to put up some of the boards, and professional artists are hard at work painting the existing boards on these Louisville homes, so keep your eyes out for the functioning art around town.  Another painting session will be held in the fall at the Vault 1031 space and is open to the public. Check back for date and time information.  

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