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Our 2023 Home Trend Predictions

Home Trend Predictions

1. Goodbye gray, Hello earth-tones!


35 Home Design Trends on the Rise in 2023- Homework Remodels- Steve Shinn

 “The big news is that beige is back,” says interior designer and color expert Jennifer Ott. “But it has different undertones than those from ’90s beige. It’s less yellow and instead has pink or green undertones.” At the end of 2022, we started noticing a lot of grey paint being replaced by white or green. We are going to see even more deep earth tone colors, mixed with...

Louisville Area Home Sales Up in 2016

The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors® (GLAR) reported that in March 2016 sales were up 14% with 1,346 homes and condos sold versus 1,180 last March. "The sellers' market is continuing in Louisville with inventory down in some areas over 20% compared to last year. This has also led to some fluctuations in the month to month statistics, , but in general our members are seeing steady single digit appreciation gains versus last year" said Greg Taylor GLAR President. 

Home sales are up this year 15.1% from January - March compared to the same time in 2015. Median prices for Louisville during the same time are up 4.3% and the average price is up 1.1%. 

There are just not as many houses on the market for the demand in Louisville. In some cases, homes are selling in a matter of hours. In Jefferson County, there are 24.7% less inventory of homes an condos for sale this March than in March of 2015. 

We expect this trend to continue the...

Avoid Dated Decor

The beautiful paint color on the walls. That perfect accent chair in the corner. The window treatments that pull the whole room together. Each of these is part of our decorating style, and few things are more satisfying than knowing that every room in your house is decorated in style. But no matter how great and fresh our style may seem today, the décor of Louisville homes is sure to become dated if we don’t freshen things up a bit from time to time. By definition, “style” doesn’t last forever.

An outdated look may not trouble you too much if interior design just isn’t an interest or yours. But a dated décor becomes a serious real estate liability if you’re putting your house on the market. Potential buyers who visit need to be able to envision themselves living in your home in the very near future, and they aren’t able to do that when its rooms appears stuck in the past.
Fortunately, it doesn’t take a major financial...

Creating a Beautiful Home on a Budget

I wouldn’t consider myself a “Susie Homemaker” although other people have referred to me as her. I just take pride in my home and feel the more comfortable my home feels the happier I am living in it. Before I bought the home I am currently living in I used to love watching home decorating shows and flipping through high end interior designer magazines to get ideas on how I would style each room in my house. The reality hit me when we moved into our “dream home” with two young children that not only were most of the design choices unrealistic for our family, but also unrealistic for our budget. I wasn’t ready to give up my dreams on a beautiful house, so I have been on a mission since I moved in to find cheaper ways to get the same looks for less.

This designing on a budget and do it yourself trend is huge right now, creating many opportunities for people like me to make their beautiful homes on the cheap a reality. What I have learned so far is that there...

Learn New Design Tips at Homearama 2012

It’s that time of year again . . . Homearama 2012. This year’s new homes showcase runs from July 14 – 29 at Rock Springs and Shakes Run. Even if you aren’t interested in that particular area, the size or style of the homes on display, or ever building a home yourself, the best thing about Homearama is all of the great decorating ideas you can get just by visiting. Home owners in Louisville are doing just that and learning great new design tips for their own houses.

The key to learning from what you see inside these homes is to deconstruct the various parts of a room you like to figure out just what it is that works for you. Too many folks take one look at the professionally decorated rooms and think, “I could never do that,” or “I don’t have that kind of money.” You don’t have to be wealthy or have a degree in design to learn things that you can do in your own home from the pros. Just keep these simple tips in mind when you visit.


Louisville Home Owners Love Cost of Living News

The latest release of the Cost of Living index brings more good news for Louisville home owners. The cost of purchasing goods and services in Derby City is roughly 11% lower than the average across the country. To put that into some context, it’s about two and half times less expensive to call Louisville home than it is to live in Manhattan. These figures come from the work of the Council for Community and Economic Research, a non-profit group that analyzes the prices of a wide range of consumer goods and services in 306 major metropolitan cities on a quarterly basis.

The biggest bang for the buck that Louisvillians see comes when buying a house. Based on data from the first quarter of 2012, buying a home in Louisville is close to 23% less expensive than the national average. For example, a 2,400-square-foot new home would cost an average of $231,573 in Louisville while the national average is $251,247. But housing isn’t the only area where Louisville home owners are saving money....

Louisville Homes Find New Life in Old, Repurposed Items

Home decorating for some involves purchasing brand new furniture, wall décor and other accents. But for others, finding an old piece and giving it new life is more than just a practical, environmentally friendly way to update a home’s look. For many Louisville home owners, repurposing old items found around the house can add both beauty and character. Consider these do-it-yourself ideas for turning the "no longer useful" into the "can't live without."

  • Mason jars are some of the most versatile items for repurposing. Add a push pump to the to one for a rustic-looking soap dispenser, or place colored light bulbs inside several and line them outside for a festive glow when entertaining outdoors.
  • Cheese graters can also add a touch of functional whimsy to the home. Use it as the base for a mobile, and hang pictures or other collectables from yarn attached to its many holes. Or paint it a fun color and sit it on your dresser. You can use the holes for decoratively holding...

Louisville Homes Spruce Up For Summer with Container Gardens

One of the many advantages to owning a home over renting an apartment is the ability to have a garden. Tending to beautiful flowers or harvesting vegetables is part of the traditional vision of home ownership, and few things seem more downright American than being able to pull a tomato off the vine or pluck a red rose from a garden you tended on land you own yourself. But today, many of us lack the time, space, and patience to be true gardening aficionados even though we’d like to be able to grow something of visual beauty or culinary value on our little parcel of the Earth without backbreaking work, lots of time, and money. And fortunately, we can. Many Louisville homeowners achieve this very dream through the use of container gardens.

A container garden refers to the growing of plants—flowers or vegetables—in containers rather than directly in the ground. They can often be more convenient for someone new to gardening or folks who don’t have a great deal of time to devote...

Louisville Homes Look Light and Airy This Spring

They say that a person’s eyes are "the windows to the soul," but what about the windows themselves? Surely, windows are the very soul of a home as they connect inside and outside into one harmonious whole. Without them, we would feel far too enclosed, perhaps even trapped. The windows in our Louisville homes unite us with nature, each other, and the rest of the world. As Derby City residents are now throwing open the sashes to let the spring sunshine and warm breezes in, they’re also making some clever changes to their window treatments in ways that lift the soul of home and homeowner alike.

Gone are the days of heavy valences and cornices with layer upon layer of fabric used to make a statement. This season, light, soft, and simple is definitely "in" when it comes to decorating windows. A few simple and inexpensive updates can make a world of difference.

    • Get rid of your old three-inch thick wooden rods with their huge drapery rings. Replacing them with...