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Unlocking the Secrets of Real Estate in Louisville, KY: Top Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Welcome to Louisville, KY, a city filled with charm, culture, and endless opportunities in the real estate market. Whether you're a prospective buyer or seller, navigating the Louisville real estate scene can be both exciting and daunting. To help you make the most of your real estate journey, here are some insider tips that will have you saying "Louisville, here we come!"

Location, Location, Location:

In Louisville, location is more than just a catchy phrase—it's a fundamental aspect of real estate. With diverse neighborhoods offering distinct characteristics, research and explore the areas that align with your lifestyle and preferences. From the historic charm of Old Louisville to the trendy vibes of NuLu, each neighborhood offers something unique. Consider factors such as proximity to schools, amenities, transportation, and...

2013 Louisville Family Halloween Events

Halloween is not just a holiday, but a complete holiday season beginning on October first. The leaves begin to change and the weather begins to cool, setting the scene for a spooky Halloween. Throughout the month of October, the Louisville area is filled with a variety of local Halloween events to thrill and excite the entire family. While residents already know about the World’s Largest Halloween Party at the Louisville Zoo during October, there are many other family focused events during the Halloween season! Be sure to grab your calendar to mark the dates for your favorite Halloween events!

Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are a basic staple of the Halloween season. Most are suitable for the whole family, with some labeled as ‘haunted,’ they may be more suitable for the older kids.

FFA Field of Terror is a 6.5-acre corn maze located behind Thomas Nelson High School in Bardstown, Ky featuring scary haunted scenes....

Lynn’s is not the only place making their servers tip out

Louisvillians, foodies from far and wide, and visitors that come back often to become “out of town regulars” are enraged and confused after one of Louisville’s most popular and beloved restaurants has closed it’s doors for good. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe abruptly closed it’s doors at the beginning of the year and reports of wrong doing by the restaurant’s owner and management team have been spilling out ever since.

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe was one of a kind, never to be matched by any other restaurant in or out of town. Everything from the colorful decor to the kitschy art work and fun atmosphere made Lynn’s a local favorite and on every out-of-towner’s list of places to go. Not only were people visiting Louisville making sure they went to Lynn’s, but in some cases, visitors were visiting Louisville just for Lynn’s. Throughout the 22 years of the Cafe’s life, it appeared on multiple television shows such as The Oprah...

Pool Leagues in Louisville

Ilyse's Louisville
I believe with everything in me, that moms that give themselves a night out on a regular basis make themselves better moms in the long run. Now maybe this is just something I tell myself so that I don't feel bad for taking a night out here and there, but regardless,if i’m playing a mid trick on myself or not, it seems to be working for me. I seem to have fallen into a new hobby that has sucked me in to a weekly night away at the Back Door. I have successfully trained for and recruited my own team for the bar’s next session o the APA rule pool league. I grew up with a pool table in my basement but it had been years since I played the game, when I met a regular pool player at the bar named Jinx. Jinx took me under his wing, taught me a thing or two, and soon became my “coach.” I was hooked. My competitive spirit paired with the endless circulation of interesting characters that rotate through The Back Door keep me going...

Warm Up With Trivia Nights in St. Matthews

Do your friends always say that you are filled with useless knowledge? Are you a movie buff, know all your state capitols, or a master of the periodic table? If you answered yes to any of these questions or just enjoy an atmosphere filled with a hearty competitive spirit, then you may be a natural trivia buff. Many Louisville pubs hold weekly trivia nights, where one night a week depending on the location, either a live host or television screen, will announce questions and teams of various sizes are challenged to get the correct answers. These trivia nights are becoming increasingly popular among bar-goers of all various age groups and will be an excellent excuse to get out of the house this cold and lonely winter.  

St. Matthews’ own Molly Malone’s Irish Pub holds one of the most popular trivia nights. Tuesday nights from 8pm to 10pm Molly Malone’s Pub Quiz is free to anyone who wants to join in. Along with the trivia, Molly Malone’s...

New Heine Brothers opens in St. Matthews

Louisvillians love their coffee, and not just any coffee, local coffee. With several locally owned and operated coffee shops thriving in town, Louisville is a great city to sample some of the best and most unique coffee blends. When you drive through several neighborhoods in town including the Highlands, Clifton, and Germantown, there are small, local coffee shops popping up on every corner. St. Matthews is the newest neighborhood following the trend to include some of the best local coffee spots, with Louisville favorite Heine Brothers bombarding the community with it’s delicious roasts. Heine Brothers opened up their new store November 28 in St. Matthews making it the third Heine Brothers in the St. Matthews neighborhood. 

Heine Brothers opened its first store in 1994 in the Highlands and has grown immensely popular ever since. The Heine Brothers mission is to remain committed to sustainability and operating responsibility while bringing its customers delicious...

Tips on throwing an in-prompt-to holiday party that wont break your seasonal budget.

The holiday season can become overwhelming with parties and social events, but in my opinion the more the merrier! This season’s gatherings are often filled with long lost friends, ugly christmas sweaters, and silly gift exchanges and too often involve an obscene amount of spiked egg nog.  When it comes to hosting your own event however, theres often less partying and more stressing.  It is important that you plan ahead and spend time deciding what kind of holiday party you want to undertake.  Parties can easily become an expensive venture and during this time of year, most of us are breaking the budget as it is.  Don't let the price of a good time deter you from hosting a holiday shin dig however, there are plenty of ways to throw a fabulous yuletide celebration on the cheap. 

Don't feel like you have to invite everyone you know.  Keep the party intimate with just a few close friends.  By keeping your party guest list to a minimum you...

St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce and Community Pride Breakfast

The St. Matthews neighborhood is known for it’s high number of locally owned shops and community-based businesses. In a city such as ours, communities such as St. Matthews are able to thrive through Louisvillians who understand the importance of shopping locally. Not only are our city’s consumers helping support our local businesses but the tight knit small business community works together to promote one another. The St. Matthews local business owners and prospective business people have created an inner circle to strengthen the community’s local business. 

The St. Matthew Chamber of Commerce has developed an inviting and helpful central location for local business owners to explore their options and grow their business. With a variety of regular and special events open to members and nonmembers, the St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for anyone with an established business in the community or someone just starting out. For nonmembers...

Downs After Dark - A Golden Era

Who said Churchill Downs is only fun one weekend out of the year? With the relatively new night racing series, Churchill Downs has become a hot spot more often than not and this upcoming weekend will be no exception. Downs After Dark began in 2010 and has been picking up speed and popularity ever since. Downs After Dark combines horse racing, music, and the nightclub scene to create the ultimate party. Each Downs After Dark attracts tens of thousands of patrons. Attendees come to party under the historic twin spires in a unique setting that you can’t get in a normal afternoon at the track. Couches and lounge chairs accompany the typical paddock furniture, creating a unique nightclub atmosphere. The Downs After Dark model has proven to be very successful. 

It is nearing the end of November and Churchill Down’s night racing will return from a short hiatus with an extravagant party. Saturday, November 17, 2012, Stella Artois and Finlandia Vodka are hosting Down After Dark-A...

Preparing for the Holiday Stress

With signs of the upcoming holiday season popping up everywhere, it is understandable that many of us are starting to get a little anxious about the amount of money we are expected to spend in the next several weeks. The holiday season is supposed to be filled with family, friends, and holiday cheer, but more often is ruined by the many stresses that come along with the time of year. Now is the time however, before the holiday season officially begins, to plan ahead to reduce the holiday stress. Chances are that you will be spending more money in the next month or so than you would normally spend throughout the year. The good news is that if you plan ahead, there are ways to either offset or reduce the hit of the extra spending.  

For Thanksgiving this year my family is trying something new. We are not only changing things up to reduce our spending but to reduce the stress involved. My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our new home and inviting both sides of our family so that we don't have to travel. Instead...