Louisville History

Louisville Church Architecture

Louisville’s incredible historic architecture is often overlooked by the city’s visitors and residents.  Downtown Louisville holds some of the most unique historic buildings and has over 200 listings on the National Register of Historic Places. The Old Louisville neighborhood is home to the largest assembly of Victorian mansions in the country and  Louisville is only second to New York City’s SoHo in cast iron architecture. The churches, however, are the most overlooked architecture in Louisville, and are ironically some of the most impressive and elaborate architecture the city has to offer.

Louisville Church ArchitectureUntil recently, I was one of those Louisville residents that didn’t pay too much attention...

A Mellow Mystery

Baker Boy Donuts sign St Matthews KYA true mystery lies in the heart of the St. Matthews community and it has me digging for clues. While doing construction on the building that held the beloved Dutch’s Tavern and will be the newfound home of the  Mellow Mushroom Pizza Joint, a bewildering sign that has become my nemesis was discovered.  The sign reads “Baker Boy inc. Hot Doughnuts.”  You would assume there was a doughnut shop there some years ago, but, no.  No such place ever existed, no Baker Boy Doughnut Shop to speak of.  I was bewildered.  After doing a little digging I came across...

Louisville's Park System

Cherokee Park in the FallConsidered the father of American landscape design, Frederick Law Olmstead was commissioned to design the Louisville park system in 1891. He became famous as the designer of New York’s Central Park and by the time he came to Louisville, he was also well-known for his work on the grounds of the Biltmore estate in North Carolina and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. But previous to his work in Louisville, parks were usually designed as free-standing entities. Olmstead had a unique new vision for creating a unified system of parks connected by beautiful tree-lined parkways.


Exceptional Louisville Churches

Louisville's Historic Churches

Louisville is one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian mountains, founded in 1778 by then Col. George Rogers Clark. As cities sprang up across the west, churches were built in abundance to take care of the spiritual needs of the new settlers. Louisville has an abundance of beautiful churches dating back to the mid 1800's and in this photographic series we will document many historic and  architecturally significant places of worship around our wonderful city.

Our first featured church is the Refuge in Kentucky Church located at Market & Hancock St's in Louisville. (History to follow)

Refuge in Kentucky Church - Market Street Louisville KY   


Louisville Old & New

Main Street Louisville - Old and New
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A Christmas Day walk along Louisville's Main St

As Louisville grew from just a stop along the Ohio River to portage around the falls, to one of the largest western cities in the new United States, it developed its street system, much of which remains the same today as it was 200 years ago.  As in most cities, Louisville’s retail, wholesale and socializing street in the central business district was named “Main St.” and this was where the majority of the businesses involved in this trade were located.

Looking west along LouisvilleWe are fortunate in Louisville to have many of these 19th century buildings along Main St. still intact as opposed to the parking lots and wastelands created along many other streets in the name of “Urban Renewal”. When walking down Main St. always...