Celebrate the Olympics in Louisville

The Summer Olympic Games are kicking off tonight in London with what is promising to be an exciting opening ceremony. There are many who think that London will struggle to match the spectacular opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, whose large scale choreographed drummers stole the show. London officials, are making clear that they have many secrets up their sleeves for their opening ceremony and that it wont disappoint.  

 My own household is getting filled with American flags, and red, white and blue decorations, in preparations for our Olympic party tonight. Everyone coming has to wear their country’s colors and be ready to indulge in backyard Olympic games. You can feel the Olympic buzz in the air as more and more people are getting into the Olympic spirit. The Olympics bring seventeen days of pure competitive fun, where no matter what your race, religion, or economic status, you can enjoy the games with your neighbor.  

 For the duration of the games, all over the city you will find Summer Olympic events, restaurant specials, and community viewing gatherings. Beginning July 27, and running through August 11 at 11:00pm, the Pub at Fourth Street Live will host Summer Olympic viewing parties. The Pub is a place to view all the big medal events while offering a special Olympic drink menu featuring Olympic beer samplers, an Olympic cocktail, and “World Team Beer Buckets.” 

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 If you want to learn more about the Olympics, we have a rare opportunity to view some of Olympic history right here in Louisville. The JB Speed Art Museum is hosting some of the Summer Olympics most memorable and historically relevant pieces of nostalgia as part of a new exhibition. Interesting pieces include the first ever torch, from the Berlin Olympics, and the torch famously held by Mohammed Ali in the 1966 Olympics, that’s wooden handle was made in Louisville at the Louisville Slugger factory. Also at the Speed Art Museum is another exhibit focused on the Olympics; Going for the Gold: Selections from the Kebric Olympic Collection. The exhibit features 27 torches and posters from the collection of Dr. Robert Kebric, Professor of Ancient Greek and Roman History and the Olympic Games at the University of Louisville. The torches and posters explore the art and propaganda within the Olympics games. Both exhibits are open now until August 26th and there is a $10 entry fee to the Museum.  

 For the next seventeen days every restaurant and bar with a television will have it set to the Olympics, and everyone will be discussing yesterdays medalists. Embrace the Olympics because it will be another four years before we see them again. Many restaurants will be having specials, so consider that before you make a decision on where to go for dinner. The Olympics are truly a magical time where the whole World becomes unified. Go team USA!


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