Curb Appeal- It Is Really That Important!

Though hundreds of Louisville real estate professionals’ aid in the buy and selling of a home, there are tips that can improve the likelihood of potential homebuyers making the purchase on your home. Oftentimes, all it takes is low-cost improvements and/or maintenance that you can apply each day or week. The ‘curb appeal’ of a home is the general first impression given to anyone taking a quick look at the interior or exterior of a home for sale. The potential homebuyer will be more likely to place a bid on a home if the upkeep is noticeable; most buyers are not looking for fixer uppers, they are going to want something that’s worth their investment and move in ready. Following are several tips you can use to spruce up the inside and the outside quickly and cost efficiently before potential buyers come to look at the home in Louisville for sale.

Dressing up the door

When a potential homebuyer walks up to the home, the front door will be the one of first things that makes a statement to them. Whether the door is dressed up by painting on a vibrant color, or maybe installing a wood door, it can add some curb appeal to the home. Cleaning off any dirty spots on the knob and locking fixtures, like grease and fingerprints, will give the entrance clean and new look. Do not neglect to wipe down the door facing as well, as it catches natural oils from the hands as people touch the door frame as they enter. The entry way should always reflect the interior of the home. Choosing swag or a wreath that represents personal style is a great, welcoming approach to the décor of the front door to the home in Louisville you are selling.

Replacing old hardware

The house numbers, wall-mounted mailbox, overhead light fixture, and an entry door lockset are all great ways to add the interest and style to the exterior of the home. If these old hardware fixtures are newer, it sets off a whole new aspect to the home. If the hardware is out of date, it not only looks old, but could possibly malfunction due to loose or faulty installation. Small details like these can make consumers think twice, and it may lead to the client seeking out another home over something that was simply a few dollars to replace. Having new and matching exterior fixtures and features not only looks new and up to date, but upon looks alone, inspires a note of confidence in the potential homebuyer.

All about symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to one’s eye and it’s the simplest thing to do. This could mean small details, such a one potted plant on each side of the porch or an entire shrub lined walkway. Also welcoming is the even lighting created by dual porch lights, or the increasingly popular solar stakes. There is nothing better than front-door accents and light fixtures; it creates such a comfortable feeling.

Outdoor Lighting

Having some low-voltage landscape lighting will make an impressive impact on the curb appeal of the home. The light fixtures can add a touch of accent lighting to the house or even trees. Solar lights are also an option if it’s impossible for any wiring outside. These can be used virtually anyway in the landscaping that they can be charged by the sun during the day. This could be for walkway lighting, if the home has a winding sidewalk or stepping stones. Driveway lighting if the home is located in a more rural or suburban area with less city/street lights. They could even be used to simply highlight a detailed, landscaped yard at night. Manufacturers have become so creative with the size and shape of solar lights that there is a style for practically every home. Exterior string lights are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Available in every shape and color, string lights have become a popular way to illuminate outdoor wooden patios at night. Outdoor lighting not only adds to the curb appeal, but allows people to view it at dusk as well.

Instant garden

A container garden is welcoming to the exterior of any home. This can be done not only quickly, but affordably. There are ready-made containers that can be purchased right from the garden center. Available in various types and colors, it’s important to choose plants or flowers that will thrive in the area to be placed. Different plants prefer different amount of sunlight or the morning sun as opposed to the afternoon. Having natural, living greens outside the home gives it a warm and inviting feel.

Mailbox creativity

It’s important to not only make sure the interior and exterior of the home looks nice, but to pay attention to the mailbox. A mailbox can flatter the home. When finding a hanging drop box, the best is a box that will reflect the overall style of the home. A plus would be to dress up the mail box by painting it the same color of the exterior of the home. If the mailbox sits on the curb, it is important that the post and box is undamaged and freshly painted, if necessary. Another quick upgrade is to surround the post with flowering shrubs for a pop of color.

Window boxes

A fast and easy way to bring charm to the home’s exterior is to install window boxes. The latest ones available do not require installation at all, as they just hang onto the window sill. This makes for easy storage in the cold weather months when most blooming flowers hibernate. The best boxes are made from iron or copper. Many people like a traditional look and that’s exactly what they bring to the exterior of the Louisville real estate home. Mixing and matching flowers can match the color scheme, as well as easily change the outside appearance of any home.

Renewing planter beds

The entirety of the garden beds must be into the best shape; this can be done by pulling weeds, planting flowers, and pruning excessive growth. Turning soil and adding new mulch is necessary to bring back the vivid color that may have been taken away by the sunlight. Upgrade any stone, brick, or wood risers on the exterior of the bed. Curb appeal is all about that first impression, and a thriving garden bed says ‘life lives here.’

Fence panels

Short sections of fence panels can be decorated with paint and stencils if you feel the need to enhance the garden with a personal touch, as well as the value of the home. Another addition that is contributing to the visual value of a home is the condition of the privacy fence. Painting or staining the fence panels gives off a more uniform look. This comes off as well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the potential homebuyers.

Outdoor art

Yards can have a little spunk by just adding some artwork; most of these are specifically made for outdoor display and are weather resistant. The pieces that are chosen should naturally compliment the home. Sculptures, hanging metal cutouts, birdbaths, and wind chimes are great choices for bringing art to the yard. Any design chosen should be warm and friendly, and not too controversial when listing your home for sale in Louisville. You want any outdoor art to be complimentary to the style and curb appeal of the home, not detract from it.

Shutters are welcoming

Adding shutters offer a welcoming aspect to the home. Shutters can also control the ventilation and the light. The exterior shutters can be made from vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. A shuttered home says, ‘come on in, it’s bright and airy today, and will be warm and cozy tonight.’
There are many tips that you can follow to bring life to the home before an individual comes to take a look at it. All of the tips can be affordable. It’s worth the extra step to make the home look top-notch before a family pulls in the driveway. Right from the first look from the mailbox to the entry door, all the way through the home to the backyard, a potential buyer can make up their mind on looks alone to determine if the home is up to par for them; make the best first impression if you want the home to sell in Louisville, by amping up that curb appeal and the value of the home.

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