Downsizing to St Matthews

Less is more— right?

   People today are quickly realizing they don't need as much space in their home or on their property. More space equals more to take care of, more to dust and more to move from A to B. It means more to store, more to label and more to give away or sell eventually. Having more may also mean a commute from the suburbs or a surrounding county far from urban life. So far everything we've talked about takes more time for sure. It takes time away from the truly meaningful things you'd like to do with your life. For each of us this is different. For you, maybe it's more time with your friends and neighbors. For others, it could be more time for leisure or hobbies. To some, it's more time to relax and enjoy a good meal or some entertainment. It could be more time to exercise or more time outdoors. Well a home in St Matthews may not promise you all these things, but it's a good start.

   If this 'less is more' mantra or life philosophy characterizes you, then a home in St Matthews could be for you. Homes in St Matthews offer lots of positives and we'll be presenting them here on at home in St Matthews.

   A home in St Matthews gives you that cottage feel (there are tons of cape cod's in the area) with less to take care of but tons of community options. It's also superior to living in a condo or town home when it comes to control. You still have a yard to mow, and take care of— just not one that takes all day to finish. A home in St Matthews also puts you close to some of the most popular parks in the city of Louisville. Many in the area are within walking or biking distance from Seneca Park. We'll do a future post talking discussing the activities available at one of Louisville's most noted parks.

   Stay tuned for many other reasons why you need a home in St Matthews.

To search for your perfect home please visit: Homes for Sale in St. Matthews and let us know how we can help you in your search.

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