Foxhollow Farm…Support Your Local Farmer!

As the Summer winds down and the school year is beginning, my family is hurrying to finish our list of Summer to-do’s and outside adventures.   My husband and I are ripping up our brick patio and getting ready to put down a wood deck, enlisting help from the neighborhood kids.  All the parents in the neighborhood love us because their children all sleeping soundly from hauling load after load of bricks from one end of our backyard to another.  Other end of summer activities include a canoe trip this weekend and a trip to Foxhollow Farm.

 Foxhollow Farm is located in Crestwood, Kentucky which is in Northeast Louisville in Oldham County.  Crestwood is full of farmland, but the Foxhollow Farm is unique.  The farm is made up of 1,300 acres of  farmland and woods that is open to the public.  There are guided tours for groups or families, or the hiking trails can be walked at your leisure.  You can also have the opportunity to tour the land with the farm’s proprietor to learn about the farm’s bio-dynamic agriculture straight from the person who set it all up.  Hayrides and private lessons such as canning are also available at the farm.  

 Foxhollow believes in bio-dynamic agriculture. For those of you who don’t know what that means, bio-dynamic agriculture is a lot like organic farming, but takes it a step further.  Both organic and bio-dynamic methods wont use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the production of their produce.  Foxhollow raises cows and sells grass-fed beef. The cows eat high quality grass with no pesticides and the farm uses no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Bio-dynamics, like the method used at Foxhollow Farm takes organic farming even a step further, and uses prepared sprays made from organic matter such as compost, herbs, and quartz crystal. These sprays bring nutrients to the soil and increase sustainability on the farm. 

I learned a lot more information about grass fed beef, while researching Foxhollow Farm that I never knew before.  Foxhollow believes in grass-fed beef’s heath benefits over grain-fed beef.  Some of these benefits are that grass fed beef is lower in calories and saturated fat, higher in Viatmin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Protein. I always knew that grass-fed beef was tastier, but I was unaware that it was healthier.  

Aside from the bio-dynamic aspect to the farm, Foxhollow is a great place to go and explore on a nice day.  Whether you want to take the kids to run around, or if you just want to get some fresh air, Foxhollow is a beautiful place to get out relax, and get some great produce.  Take a walk by the garden, hike through the walking trails, or make a picnic in the field, spend the day outdoors.  There is a café and grocery store so you can stay for lunch and load up on some local seasonal produce.  Don’t forget about Foxhollow around Halloween time, they will have bio-dynamic pumpkins! Support your local farmer, and remember that local produce is the best and most delicious produce there is!


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