Indian Hills Named Seventh Best City for Suburbanites

What is a Suburbanite? Would you want to be called a Suburbanite? Would you call yourself a Suburbanite? I think that there is a lot to say about life in the suburbs.  I grew up in the suburbs and loved every minute of it.  Granted I didn’t know life any different, I was comfortable playing with my neighbors across the street after my mom made a nice family dinner, walking the dog among private neighborhood streets, and  setting up kickball courts in the cul-de-sac behind my house.  Life in the suburbs is great if you like to commute to work, be part of a neighborhood, and actually see the stars at night.  There are many perks as well as disadvantageous that come with life in the suburbs, the same that you would get in any community.  

Recently, real estate company put together a “Best Places to Live” Survey, with one of the categories being for suburbanites. Wouldn’t you know it, our very own  Indian Hills, Kentucky came up seventh on the list.  Indian Hills is a beautiful, wooded community of roughly 1,200 homes and 2,900 residents.  Indian Hills was incorporated as a fourth class city in 1999 and includes the cities of Cherokee, Indian-Hills Country Club, Winding Falls, and Robinswood. Along with it’s neighboring communities of Glenview and Mockingbird Valley, the area makes up one of the most prosperous suburbs in the city of Louisville.  Over a third of the land in Indian Hills is left undeveloped, purposefully, lending to the scenic atmosphere.  Indian Hills is steeped in Southern history.  Originally named the “Indian Hill Stock Farm” in 1872 and one of the largest horse farms in Kentucky, Indian Hills still shows evidence of it’s original farming roots today.  The Georgian Style Veech House at 125 Indian Hills Trail, and Spring House at 119 Arrowhead Rd are still standing from the original Farm, and add historical relevance and Southern charm to the neighborhood.   

The survey chose it’s winners based on several factors including safety, gas affordability, number of college graduates, median disposable income, coffee shops, good schools nearby, cultural activities, outdoor activities, high number of people who eat in, and several others. Indian Hills is not only a beautiful community but offers convenience and a wide range of housing options for the affluent homebuyer. Most homes in Indian Hills are found on large lots with long drive ways and large green front lawns.  Homes in Indian Hills follow the hilly terrain of the neighborhood and offer a variety of style homes from Traditional to Ranch to Cape Cod.  Most of the homes in the area were built in the 1950’s and 60’s with a median price of $415,000 and a price per square foot of $190.00.  There is however an availability of beautiful 5000+ square foot estate-sized homes available in Indian Hills.

If I was the ultimate Suburbanite I could not think of a better suburb to live in than Indian Hills.If you agree or disagree, either way it’s pretty cool that one of Louisville’s oldest communities was recognized as an excellent neighborhood to live in!

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