Just a Few More Tuesdays Left for Front Porch Tuesdays

The Highlands is a neighborhood that appeals to the lover of the outdoors. Whether you prefer to read your book on the porch or would rather let your kids play in the back yard than inside, the Highlands neighborhood is the right community for you. With several public parks close by including the renowned Cherokee Park in the Highlands center, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the Kentucky air. Cherokee Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, and encompasses 409 acres of beautiful land which includes a 2.4 mile loop for dog walking, running, or biking. Cherokee Park also offers a golf course, playgrounds, recreation areas, mountain bike trails, and some of the best sledding in town!   I recently moved to the Highlands and have absolutely loved every second of life in this urban neighborhood.
One of my favorite things about the Highlands that I didn’t know about before I became a resident is “Front Porch Tuesdays.” This program was created in 2005 by Tom Owen to help bring communities in District 8 together. Usually for two weeks in May, one Tuesday the odd number streets will have the even houses over, and the following week they will switch. Neighbors are encouraged to meet and mingle.

My street, like many others in the Highlands has taken Front Porch Tuesdays to another level, making it a weekly, or bi-weekly event during the warm months of the year. It is really just an excuse for the adults to get together and have a few glasses of wine and lettting all of the neighborhood kids run around in the yard and tire themselves out just in time for bed. Not only do we look forward to these Tuesday nights because they are a great time, but they give us a chance to have mini  neighborhood meetings. We make sure nothing has happened crime wise on the block, and it is always a good idea to keep in touch with our neighbors. Moving in to a new house and not knowing anyone in the neighborhood, Front Porch Tuesday was an amazing way for our family to quickly bond with the neighbors. We were able to meet everyone in our community, in a relaxed setting, and because Front Porch Tuesdays are frequent on our street, we were able to see them often. This was an unbelievable introduction to our new neighborhood. Without Front Porch Tuesdays, we would never know what great neighbors we have and would not have the many great memories that we have already made in the short time we have lived in our new house.

Whether you live in the Highlands or not, I could not recommend higher, the Front Porch Tuesday model. Not only meeting the neighbors, but spending time with them and getting to know them can add so much enjoyment to your life. In just a  few short months my next door neighbors have become like family and it is wonderful. We are looking forward to many more Front Porch Tuesdays to come.

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