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The common form of communication in today’s day and age is far more than a simple device to relay messages. The modern telephone is not only a tool for making phone calls but is a computer, television, camera, and complete link to the World’s information. “Smart Phones” as they are called, give owners the opportunity to gain information anywhere at anytime.

Aside from the internet, applications, or apps as they are better know, provide the owner the most specialized and greatest wealth of information. There are apps for everything available, but my favorite apps are the ones personal to my hometown. Believe it or not, there are over one-hundred apps, varying in sub-topic, and most of them are free. These apps give travelers an easy way to gain inside local knowledge on their own, and give locals unlimited access to every view of their city. I tested several different types of free Louisville apps, some I have found to be helpful, others not so much.

There are several free Louisville sports apps available, each designed with their team or school in mind. Although each app is slightly different, most have the same purpose; to keep you up-to-date with sports news and give you game times. My two favorite Louisville sports apps are WHAS11‘s Louisville College Sports app and (because I am a UofL fan) the “LouisvilleCards Mobile” app. Both apps are easy to use and lay out all the important information. “LouisvilleCards Mobile” covers the news, schedules, scores, and displays videos of all UofL athletics, while the WHAS11 app covers all college sports in the State.

If you are looking for Louisville apps that will help you decide what to do, there are plenty. I reported a while ago on the “Louisville Lush” app, and it is still one of my favorites. “Louisville Lush” lays out all the happy hours and restaurants with specials in your area. The app tells you what places are having deals right now and what you can look forward to. “Louisville Lush” has helped me make the tough decision of where to go for dinner several times. The “Louisville Mobile” app is an essential app for every Louisvillian to have. This app spells out everything from Louisville parks to restaurants, and news to events. This app even allows you to sign up for emergency alerts. “Louisville CitySave” is another must-have app. After entering your neighborhood into the app, dozens of coupons will show up on your screen. Louisville CitySaver gives deals on restaurants, attractions, and retail. The app always has coupons for a night at the theatre, a day of golfing, or discounts at your favorite stores. Right now Playthings Toy Shoppe is offering $5 off $25, and Louisville Stoneware is offering 10% off.

There are endless apps available to Louisvillians. Oldham County, Churchill Downs, and the Urban Bourbon Trail even have their own helpful apps. All the major news stations, radio stations, and traffic centers have apps, keeping you linked in to local media wherever you go.

After trying out dozens of apps all about Louisville, only a few extremely helpful Louisville apps remain on my phone today. “Louisville Lush”, “Louisville Mobile”, and “Louisville CitySaver” are must-haves. These apps help on rainy days, when you’re the only one at the party who didn’t watch the news that day, and can help you save some serious money. Go download these apps now...must I remind you, they are free?

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