Louisville Homes Look Light and Airy This Spring

They say that a person’s eyes are "the windows to the soul," but what about the windows themselves? Surely, windows are the very soul of a home as they connect inside and outside into one harmonious whole. Without them, we would feel far too enclosed, perhaps even trapped. The windows in our Louisville homes unite us with nature, each other, and the rest of the world. As Derby City residents are now throwing open the sashes to let the spring sunshine and warm breezes in, they’re also making some clever changes to their window treatments in ways that lift the soul of home and homeowner alike.

Gone are the days of heavy valences and cornices with layer upon layer of fabric used to make a statement. This season, light, soft, and simple is definitely "in" when it comes to decorating windows. A few simple and inexpensive updates can make a world of difference.

    • Get rid of your old three-inch thick wooden rods with their huge drapery rings. Replacing them with thin rods freshens up the look.

     • Instead of heavy fabrics, try sheer curtains. Their light, gauzy look – especially when a gentle breeze blows through – is the perfect accent for conveying a sense of lightness and ease. If you’re worried about privacy, just add a thin cotton lining to the sheers.

     • Consider saving money while enhancing style by purchasing pre-packaged panels that you can have lined by a seamstress. Have them cut to a length that will very lightly touch the floor.

     • When it comes to patterns in window fabrics, less is definitely more. Using all one color or a tone-on-tone pattern are more stylish today than the bold, dramatic look of the past. If you are concerned that a solid color might be too boring in your room, try livening things up through texture rather than color. Panels in a rougher linen fabric add extra some extra dimension that flat cotton alone doesn’t have.

Louisville homes are looking light and airy this spring, and not just because of the great weather or a fresh coat of paint. By updating how we adorn our windows, we’re lightening not only the "soul" of our homes but our own spirits as well.

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