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Louisville’s music community suffered a tremendous loss after the December 2011 closing of the beloved ear X-tacy record store. Ear x-tacy served Louisville for 26 years, supplying music lovers with vinyl records, CDs and posters, introduced young artists to new sounds, and hosted some amazing bands for the community’s enjoyment.   With the closing of ear X-tacy it was truly an end of an era.  No record store will ever take ear X-tacy’s place, but one has just come on the scene that is making it a little easier for the Louisville music community to move on.

Matt Anthony, former music buyer for ear X-tacy, has opened up his own record shop. “Matt Anthony’s Record Shop” is located in the Tim Faulkner Building on Franklin Avenue in Butchertown which is a new arts complex and gallery.  Anthony says he has always dreamed of having his own record store but didn’t want to compete with ear X-tacy.  Anthony helped fight to save the store and was there with them until they closed.  Inside his store you will recognize racks and signage from ear X-tacy, as he bought a lot of the inventory after they closed.  

Matt Anthony is also a 91.9 WFPK DJ, currently DJ-ing the Friday Night Sound Clash and the Jazz Pulse on Sundays. Anthony’s background, traveling and living on an Air Force base has shaped his love for music and art.  Anthony grew up in Italy on an Air Force Base, and credits that with his love for Hip Hop and Jazz music.  In Italy, Anthony says that American music was not easily attainable, so he would track down the one American Hip Hop CD that would become available, making him the go-to guy for music.  He became the go-to DJ, and fell in love with it.  Anthony said that because American music was so hard to come by, it was appreciated much more in Italy.  His appreciation for Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul music grew stronger because of it’s heightened appreciation. Anthony was not only interested in music, but other art forms as well. Anthony received a degree in art with a focus in illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and then Attended the University of Louisville as a Roman History major. 

Anthony’s love of music and art is apparent in his new shop.  Anthony’s paintings adorn the green walls, eye-catching posters fill the racks, and rows of music line the store. Anthony will be the first to admit that he is not good at selling his art, which is why he is happy to be part of the Time Faulkner Building.  The Gallery will be a great place to showcase Anthony’s artwork and expand his business.  

If you want to see Anthony DJ live, you can find him at Meat at 9pm on Mondays. Meat is located at 1076 E Washington Street.  Matt Anthony’s Record Shop is open Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday from noon-7pm, Friday noon- Midnight, and Sunday noon-6pm.

Anthony has said that he believes that good vibes are important and that there is an overall good feeling that comes with shopping locally.  I couldn’t agree more.  Stop in to his store and spread some good vibes around.  We need to support these local gems.  

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