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Louisville Apps

The common form of communication in today’s day and age is far more than a simple device to relay messages. The modern telephone is not only a tool for making phone calls but is a computer, television, camera, and complete link to the World’s information. “Smart Phones” as they are called, give owners the opportunity to gain information anywhere at anytime.

Aside from the internet, applications, or apps as they are better know, provide the owner the most specialized and greatest wealth of information. There are apps for everything available, but my favorite apps are the ones personal to my hometown. Believe it or not, there are over one-hundred apps, varying in sub-topic, and most of them are free. These apps give travelers an easy way to gain inside local knowledge on their own, and give locals unlimited access to every view of their city. I tested several different types of free Louisville apps, some I have found to be helpful, others not...

Louisville Free Public Libraries are not just for Reading Anymore

Louisville is filled with excellent resources for families and community members that are often taken for granted. I myself, am guilty of not taking advantage of some of Louisville’s greatest amenities.

Just one block from my street is Mid City Mall, which houses one of the Louisville Free Public Library branches. It is not the biggest, newest, or most beautiful library in Louisville, but like the other LFPL branches, it offers tremendous value to the neighborhood. The library offers extensive resources for families with children varying from infancy to high-school age. My toddler and pre-schooler love the free story time and the occasional musical guest that follows.

There are eighteen Louisville Free Public Library locations scattered throughout the city, each offering wonderful learning opportunities to it’s members. For young library members, the library has put together several programs to help parents and kids enjoy reading together. Each branch...

Louisville Steakhouses

One thing that Louisville has no shortage of is good places to celebrate a special occasion dinner.  Just in the past week, my family celebrated four birthdays and each birthday was spent at a different restaurant around town.  Not every member of my family wanted to spend their special day eating at a high-end restaurant, but everyone got exactly what they wanted.  My dad had a small get together at his favorite pizza joint, Luigi’s Pizza on Main Street, my sister and her husband spent the night in Nulu with a meal at La Coop and drinks at Meat, and my mom spent her 60th birthday filling the “Pope Room” at Buca Di Beppo with family and friends.  My husband however, is a little more high maintenance and the two of us always look for any excuse to dine out in style.
If there is one thing my husband wants for his birthday every year it is a properly cooked, melt in your mouth, steak and Louisville is filled with excellent steakhouses that...

Appetizer and Drink Date Night

With so many great dining options in Louisville I often find myself having trouble deciding where to go for a night out on the town. My favorite solution to this problem is the “appetizer and drink date night.” This past weekend my husband and I decided to try out several different places that we had never been before. At each stop we limited ourselves to appetizers and one cocktail a piece. This was a great way to become familiar with the restaurants while being able to visit several in one night.

The first stop of the night was Wiltshire on Market. The quaint restaurant took us in right away without reservations at the bar. We decided to order two bourbon cocktails off of the menu, that kicked off our night with a bang. Our first appetizer was a warm kale, feta, and artichoke dip that was served with homemade pita chips. The dish came out piping hot and was made with the freshest ingredients. The star of our “light meal” was what came next; the potato, leek, and...

Louisville Parks’ Best Sledding Hills

Every time the snow starts to fall outside I turn into a young child again and get excited about playing in the impending winter wonderland. Some of my best childhood memories were made after waking up in the early morning for school only to find out it was a snow day. After climbing back into my warm bed and getting a few extra hours of sleep, I was always eager to get outside and spend the day in the snow. Dressing up in countless layers of snow gear, building igloos in my front yard, and warming my freezing hands with a cup of hot cocoa after hours dredging through knee deep snow are some of my fondest memories of Winter. Above all my favorite snow day rituals however, is getting together with my best friends and spending hours sledding down some of Louisville’s best hills.

No matter what your age, sledding is always a good time. For the beginner sledder a simple slide down a hill is enough to stir up a day of giggles, but the more experienced sledder may turn things up a notch with...

Louisville is a friendly city but hard to make friends

I am one of Louisville’s biggest fans and rarely have anything to complain about when it comes to my hometown. There is however one thing about this city that frustrates many new residents. Whenever you have an extreme positive, like the tight knit community that makes Louisville so unique, there is often a negative that comes along with it. Many new residents that I have spoken to have all had similar complaints; that it is difficult to make new friends. Louisvillians are not unwelcoming people, in fact they are some of the most welcoming people I have encountered. Friends are hard to make in this city because social groups are loyal and circles hold on to each other for a long time.

I myself have experienced this problem even as a native Louisvillian. After moving back home after college, I found myself alone in the city that used to be filled with familiar faces. All of my friends had decided to stay in their college towns or move away to other cities. I was back in Louisville by...