Nothing Beats a Summer Drive through Oldham County

One of the things I love best about Louisville is the diversity within the city itself. Within ten minutes from sitting on my front porch in the Highlands, I can be skipping rocks on the riverfront, admiring the graceful horses galloping on some of Kentucky’s most beautiful farmland, or enjoying a night out sipping a cocktail in one of the newest hip restaurants.  Summertime in Louisville is a time when the city in all its forms comes alive and I love to take it all in.

 One of my favorite things to do in the Summer in Louisville is to drive out to Prospect and Oldham County and take in my surroundings. I usually start with a drive down Rose Island Road. My two-year-old likes to call Rose Island the “Fun Road.” We love to drive down the windy street, point out the various animals in the Henry’s Ark Petting Zoo, and wave to owners as they ride their horses. The most exciting part of Rose Island Road though, are all the “wee bumps.”  There are an incredibly high number of hills and turns on Rose Island Road turning it into a roller coaster if driven friskily, and boy is my son appreciative when his mom and dad drive a little frisky. As we go over each hump in the road we all scream “wee” and those not driving put our hands in the air. I have learned the simplest things are what makes my son the happiest. 

 We usually turn onto Mayo Lane next. Mayo Lane is my favorite Street to drive down if I am in the mood to gawk at homes in Oldham County. This street is filled with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful farmhouses in Kentucky. The magnificent manors shock me every time I see them and never disappoint. These homes embody Kentucky’s beauty and wealth and every time I see them they remind me why I love being from Kentucky.  

By the time I’m done drooling over the mansions of Mayo Lane, the kids are usually ready to get out of the car, so I usually circle back to Henry’s Ark at the beginning of Rose Island Road by US 42. Henry’s Ark is a free petting zoo that is run entirely off of donations. It was opened out of the goodness of the owners’ hearts for the community and the animals. Henry’s Ark is filled with exotic and local animals such as zebras, bison, deer, ostrich, and goats.  It’s a good idea to bring carrots or left over bread or crackers to feed the animals when you go, so you can get a closer look.   

Sometimes we keep driving down US 42, away from Louisville, to admire more of the farmland. Goshen and Starlight are beautiful cities with so much to offer. We often stop in Goshen at the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve to run around, or play for a while on their playground.  

Summer in Louisville is a time for exploring your City.  I suggest picking a direction and driving, you never know what you will find.  What I have found so far is that Louisville is full of wonderful surprises. 

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