Our Louisville Home Scores big on Athletics

Sure, it’s only a few weeks until Louisville’s big day celebrating the “greatest two minutes in sports” at historic Churchill Downs for the running of the Kentucky Derby, and yes, we are all very excited and ready for all the fun. But to think for even half a second that thoroughbred racing is the only sport on the minds of Louisvillians right now would be about as accurate as predicting that the Pope will leave his current job and become a rapper with his own fragrance line. No, Louisville is big on sports of EVERY kind, and we don’t just like to watch the professionals. We love to get in there and play, watch, cheer, coach and talk endlessly about them all too. We play volleyball in the neighborhood church league during the winter and summer league softball when it’s warm. And our kids play absolutely everything whether or not they are any good: ice hockey, soccer, baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, swimming...and many, many more.

There’s no question that we love our sports, but we let’s be honest. We don’t always love dealing with all of our sports gear and equipment. We love seeing our daughter hit a homerun, but we swear under our breath when we trip over her bat and cleats left lying in the hall. We rejoice when our son hits the three-pointer to win the basketball game at the buzzer, but we want to choke him when we find his dirty uniform all balled up in his closet only 10 minutes before it’s time to leave for the next game. But during this season of spring cleaning and organizing, Louisville homes will be able to love their sports with a clear conscience by following just a few simple tips that will help them score big when it comes to athletics.

    • When it comes to sports equipment, the key is to have one place for all of it. The lacrosse sticks, catcher’s mitts, goggles, and footballs all need to stay in one designated area of the house. Some prefer that this space be in the garage; others like to keep it just inside the back door to the house. Either place is fine, but don’t let your kids – and your spouse – keep their sports equipment in their own rooms. Tennis balls and batting helmets have a way of disappearing when they could be anywhere in the house.

     • If the garage is your designated location, consider using some old kitchen cabinets for sports storage. This is a practical way of repurposing a storage solution that is no longer functional in your kitchen. If your equipment will be inside the house, consider purchasing some inexpensive ottomans that can serve as both storage and extra seating.

     • Uniforms and other athletic attire also need to have their own space separate from other clothing. When a tennis skirt gets put away in a drawer with all the other shorts or football pants gets folded up alongside a couple pairs of jeans, they tend to be hard to find right before the big game. Instead, have either a drawer dedicated only to athletic attire, or if drawer space is limited, designate a portion of the closet for these items only, and hang them all there. Then everyone knows exactly where to look when it’s game time.

     • Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep your athletic clothing and equipment completely out of sight. In fact, some folks like to use their sports paraphernalia as an element in their décor. You just need to make sure it stays organized and doesn’t clutter your living space. Hooks are a great solution for hanging athletic attire on walls, and open shelving or cubbies can be an easy way to store equipment.

Our homes reflect our loves, interests, personalities, and passions. During this season of spring cleaning and organizing, Louisville home owners can pursue their love affair with athletics without worry. All we need to do is follow a few simple tips, and our Louisville homes will score big th

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