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While out running errands today, nearly every corner I turned and intersection I crossed resulted in a collision caused by some driver’s  careless mistakes. Tis the season for everyone’s brains to turn to mush I guess and beware of distracted drivers! With all the stresses that the holidays bring we all have a few extra things on our minds, but not until today when I was in the middle of the calamity did I have an idea just how much the holidays affect us.

While out on the road, I got to thinking about the amount of people that must get into car accidents during the holiday season. The number must be staggering based solely on the fact that in the hour that I was in the car I had nearly ten good chances of getting in an accident. It is probably the worst time of year to be in an auto accident; you have already spent your budget for the month, you are stressed out enough with the season as it is, and frankly, you just don't have the time to deal with it right now. The key in painless car problem solving is knowing the right person to take it to, although this is often easier said than done. I will preface this part of the blog by letting you know that I may be slightly bias to one of the following shops (because my husband owns it...) but in fact it is to your benefit. Because of my close relationship to the Louisville auto service industry I will pass along only the truthful and most beneficial information to you.  

With the shopping malls of St. Matthews producing numerous auto accidents from it’s holiday crazed drivers, its a good thing that the best body shop in Louisville is nearby. St. Matthews Imports is a popular auto body and repair shop with  multiple locations, one being in the heart of St. Matthews. St. Matthews Imports is the trusted place to go not only among many Louisvillians in general, but among many car people and mechanics themselves. Hopefully you wont have to visit St. Matthews Imports any time soon, but just in case you need more information, visit their website St. Matthews Imports.

Although I would send you to St.Matthews Imports for bodywork, for anything mechanical there is only one place in town to take your car.  Located 10 minutes from St. Matthews in Old Louisville is McCormick Motorsports. I may be bias because I am a McCormick, but if there is one thing I know it is that unfortunately honesty comes very rare in a mechanic. Matt, owner at McCormick Motorsports, will always be up front with you and fair. The shop is unique with large spray painted murals on the walls, one depicting the Louisville skyline, another, a Toyota off-roading. For more information about McCormick Motorsports go to McCormick Motorsports.  

Both St. Matthews Imports and McCormick Motorsports are repeat winners in the Leo Readers Choice Awards and have excellent reputations in town. If anyone is going to make your holiday mishap a little easier it will be these guys.  

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