'Sundays in September' The Tyler Park Jazz Festival

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on my newfound appreciation for Jazz music in our beloved city.  I didn’t realize just how much Jazz was available in both local radio and live venues. It seems like more often then not, when I learn about a new hot topic going on in Louisville, so the saying goes, “when it rains it pours.“ My monthly Tyler Park Neighborhood Association newsletter came a few days ago, and what would you guess was right on the cover? This weekend marks the first of “Sundays in September” Tyler Park Jazz Festival.  

Each Sunday evening from 4:00pm to 6:00pm this September, residents of the Tyler Park neighborhood, the Highlands, and Jazz enthusiasts from all over Louisville will gather in the park to enjoy some free Jazz. This is the third year for the Jazz Festival, growing larger and more successful each year. This year, in addition to the music, special raffles will be drawn each concert night sponsored by local businesses, Kizito Cookies , Dittos, Baxter Avenue Theatres and Yoga on Baxter. The delicious and locally owned Comfy Cow Ice Cream will be available for purchase, so make sure you put your kids in comfy shoes to run off the sugar-high afterwards! For the safety and comfort of everyone at the concert, The Jazz Festival is a no pet event, and no alcohol is permitted at the park as well. The concert in the park is a good-old “bring your own lawn chair or blanket and listen to some music in the park” concert, so don’t forget your own seating. 

There are some great local Jazz musicians set to perform in the park. The following is the concert line-up for the “Sundays in September” Festival:

September 9th:   Jamey Abersold Quartet

September 16th: Walker and Kays

September 23rd: Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble

September 30th: University of Louisville Jazz Ensemble, directed by John La Barbera

I will be at the Jazz concert nights, if not every night, most of them. I am looking forward to spending time with my community while hanging out with my family at the same time. Festivals and events like these are not only important for neighborhoods and communities, but enrich the lives of all involved. I am most excited for my oldest son, who is only two, but will remember bits and pieces of this time in his life, to be able to run around in the park with the other children from the neighborhood while some great live music is playing in the background. I remember times in my childhood like these where life seemed perfect. I can not recommend any higher to check out the “Sundays in September” Tyler Park Jazz Festival. If you have friends in the area you want to enjoy the concert with, or if you don’t know anyone, come out and meet some new people. You will not be disappointed, and at the very least you will get to hear some good music.

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