When Decor Isn't Your Friend

Selling your Louisville home can be a fierce, stressful ordeal in a market like this one. Ideally, homeowners will do everything they can to prepare their house for a sell, especially when they’re faced with competition from neighboring houses and a weakened real estate market. But sometimes, it’s the small things that make a difference in the eye of a buyer.

I’m talking about decor. What pleases your eye may not please everyone else’s, and sometimes buyers just can’t get passed those lace curtains, floral wallpaper, and plastic greenery draped on top of your cabinets. Those things—while stylish to you—can make your home appear dated and cluttered. We all have our own design sense, but when selling your home, sometimes no design sense is better.

If you’re putting your Louisville home on the market, remember that less is more. That means paint your home a fresh, neutral color, and get a head-start on packing by removing knick-knacks, personal framed photographs, and extra furniture (how many side tables to you really need)?

Buyers are not coming into your house to see your collection of porcelain dolls or family photos. In fact, those things can be so much of a distraction to a buyer that they leave without a real sense of your home’s space. So when selling, go the minimalist approach. Clear your rooms and allow buyers to picture how their stuff would fit and how they would feel living there. But most importantly, make it feel like home.

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