Why Have Your Own Buyer’s Agent When Shopping for Louisville, KY Real Estate 

For many years, the listing agent for a property handled the entire real estate transaction for both the seller and the buyer of homes in Louisville, KY. This type of dual representation, however, typically benefits only the seller. While the listing agent is required to be upfront and honest in his dealings with the buyer regarding a house for sale in Louisville, KY, he only represents the interests of the seller. Without hiring a buyer’s agent, the buyer is left out in the cold, responsible to protect their own interests.

What is the benefit of hiring a buyer’s agent to assist in the purchase of real estate in Louisville, KY?

The benefit of having your own buyer’s agent is multifaceted. The primary advantage of this type of single representation is that you receive individualized attention with your interests as the primary concern regarding the purchase of Louisville real estate. Your interests take precedence over the seller’s concerns, simply because you had the forethought to arrange for your own buyer’s agent. Additionally, since the buyer’s agent is primarily concerned with helping you to find your “dream home,” he is going to guide you in any way possible regarding your choice of Louisville, KY real estate. The buyer’s agent handles various aspects of a real estate transaction, simplifying the home buying process for you.

A Brad Long Real Estate Group buyer’s agent guides their client throughout the search for a home for sale in Louisville KY.  They provide you each of the following:

• Providing the buyer with professional guidance and assistance in locating the perfect property.

• Evaluating the buyer’s price range and assisting in getting him pre-approved with a lender. 

• Previewing available properties to ensure they meet the buyer’s specifications.

• Arranging walkthroughs.

• Researching existing properties on the market to ensure the buyer purchases at the best price     possible.

• Providing an honest analysis of each property.

• Negotiating with the seller’s agent to get the best price for the buyer.

• Arranging secondary walkthroughs.

• Preparing the offer to purchase a property with favorable terms for the buyer. 

• Professionally presenting the offer to purchase to the listing agent.

• Maintaining close communication with the listing agent to ensure the transaction goes through smoothly.

• Completing essential paperwork.

• Staying on top of things to eliminate any unexpected surprises.

The buyer’s agent may also assist with the following regarding Louisville houses for sale:

• Coordinating appraisals and inspections in a timely fashion.

• Coordinating necessary repairs through the listing agent prior to closing.

• Making arrangements for any agreed-upon contingencies up until closing.

• Providing names and contact information for necessary service providers such as attorneys,   movers, and painters.

A buyer’s agent explains legal jargon to his clients looking to buy Louisville KY homes, including:

• Owner's Title insurance

• Closing - Escrow Process

• Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

• Settlement (closing costs)

• Homestead exemptions

• Right of way flood plains

A buyer’s agent assists in the completion of all paperwork related to the purchase of Louisville real estate, including:

• The preparation of the offer to buy.

• The purchase contract.

Rest assured when you work with a Buyer's Agent from The Brad Long Real Estate Group you will receive the very best counceling to guide you through the sometimes difficult home buying process.  Please Contact Us and put our decades of experience to work for you.

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